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Typical long day that ends well leave me exhausted but satisfied in what I must have accomplished during the day. Sometimes it's a major milestone but most times it's just a little tick in the box. I cherish those moments when I finally hit my bed and sigh in relief, what a day!

I sat quietly at the mall watching the crowd as they went about their business. Little kids squealed in delight when they received their much anticipated ice creams and balloons. Dads followed quietly as families made their way through different shopping isles: moms picking out much needed items, tossing them in the shopping cart. Young impressionable ladies dressed up to see a movie make me wonder at the occasion: Boys just lazing around looking for the next diversion to catch their attention.

I sat quietly with a refreshing cold drink, sipping and exhaling almost at the same time. Relieving my legs from the ache that throbbed at my feet. It's been a long shopping day for me and I had been trying to get everything required to ensure my household had enough groceries and food stock to last for the month!

Mentally, I went through my list to ensure I had covered everything I set out to buy when I left the house but ended up cooking up a few more items that I had not planned for. I sighed again and decided my family would have to live without some items for the next couple of days, as I was not prepared to go back into the stores again. 

Shopping is a hassle for me. I absolutely hate going from store to store looking for the best deals and trying to decide on what to buy. I can manage shopping for food. Well, because the choices are limited. Household items also comes under my 'not happy but can do' list just because I absolutely have to get them. For me survival means creating a monthly household shopping list and making the month's purchase at once. But clothes! That, I absolutely do not like to shop for. Not a typical female nature? I know. The issue is I hate trying to decide what goes on what. "If I get this new skirt would it match anything I have?" questions like that just throws me of. Experimenting with colors or trendy styles is completely out of the question, too much hullabaloo for me. '

Play it safe' that's my shopping mantra when it comes to clothes. It works for me simply because it saves me a lot of stress.

What saves your stress when your shop? I'd love to know.


  1. I so love shoes, and so, naturally I have fun when it comes to shopping for shoes. As for any other thing, I save myself the stress by SERIOUS planning! Draw up a list some days before, segment the list based on the stores and location, then simply do what I can...

  2. Great to see you on Blogger Seye! Welcome!

    The only thing that makes shopping for clothes less stressful is having my mgm with me. I absolutely hate it. He, on the other hand, has no qualms going from shop to shop looking for the best deals. I just ‘point and kill’ based on three basic questions. Is it my size, do it like it, is it affordable. When the kids were much younger, you were likely to see me watching the kids while he goes round looking for outfits for us all! Hilarious! Thank God for him cos if not, my kids would have ended up wearing the same brands!

    For provisions and home supplies, Ebeano and Globus are my joints and like you I am a bulk shopper and if you have dependable staff it saves all those ad-hoc stops on the way from work which drive me crazy! I once had a nanny that was planning on opening her own provisions store judging by how much of our provisions we found in her suitcase in the BQ! I could not understand how come I was being given lists each morning all the time until an Aunt came to visit and her ‘business’ was exposed. Lol! I am still trying to teach myself to lock up my pantry cos I hear it is just the only way to go. I start and then the stress of ‘bringing key’ just puts me off!

    I recently hooked up with Anuli who runs a Frozen Food outfit and she delivers! So that is how I get all my meat, fish, snails, fillets etc etc!. And she does the neatest packaging! Check her out (0802 318 8186)

    As you can see my comments are always loooooong! So I shall stop myself her and just say again, Welcome to Blogsville!

  3. Hey thanks for the Welcome to Blogsville... I couldn't help but laugh at your comment about the Nanny that wanted to open her provision store from your pantry. That's so hilarious. I remember my Dad also did some of our shopping for clothes while growing up and I have to say that I really loved the clothes he bought for me more than the ones my Mom picked out. No offense Mom, I still love you. Sadly my husband doesn't like to shop for my clothes so I'd have to keep on the 'play it safe' track for now. Thanks again, I'm definitely giving Anuli a call, guess she is based in Nigeria.


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