Now Available - Who Will Wear the Crown? by Seye Oke

    Hi Everyone!   I'm excited to introduce my new book for kids aged 7-11, " Who Will Wear the Crown? ". This Spring, follow the story of this castaway tree, Thorny Bee, who teaches the mean trees a lesson about love and respect for everyone's uniqueness. This story presents an excellent opportunity for kids to learn about love and acceptance. The book is available now on Barnes and Noble , Amazon , Word Alive and all other platforms where Christian books are sold.   I am raising funds for Compassion's Education and Training initiatives to celebrate this moment. I would love to invite you to this opportunity to join me in meeting the needs of children and families. Education is one of the most powerful ways to lift kids out of poverty. Still, with one in five kids not in school, according to UNESCO, the gift of education is as vital as ever.   With a gift of $10 or more,  you can support Compassion's effort to give children and youths access t

Healing For Emotional Drain and Burnout - God's Way.

Burnout is a real thing that stems from having life draining you of your mental strength and not having the right source refilling you. I have always had multiple parts of my life running full steam simultaneously and, for many years, had prided myself in keeping them all running. A successful marketing career, a writing ministry, an inspirational lifestyle business, my family, two amazing kids, and many other things all running at maximum capacity. And when asked how I could keep it all together, I always said by God's grace, good planning and excellent time management.    Well, last year, I had all three going well but ended up emotionally drained and ultimately burnout. I lost my energy, drive, inspiration, and motivation. I felt completely stressed out and on edge. My calm went out the window, my mind wholly blocked to creative ideas. My sleep was even shorter than usual. At some point, I noticed my joy was waning, and it was at that point I decided somet

Unlock God’s Awesome Favour When You Walk in Obedience

God's word for this year is righteousness.  He calls his people to step out of wrongdoing, serve him wholly, and wholeheartedly obey his words. The promise of God this year is that he will step into the affairs of men with vengeance and favour. He will show his judgement to those who do not obey his words and his favour to those who walk in righteousness.    So, what does walking in righteousness mean? Deuteronomy 28 verses 1 and 2 explains this with two simple phrases: we should all commit to memory. Diligently Obey  the voice of God and; Carefully Observe  all of his commands.   If you do this, you will unlock God's favour in 2023. However, if you don't, you will unleash his vengeance on your life this year. This year more than any other year, God's calling us to obey his words and live according to his standards. Not the standards of society or what men have accepted as the norm.    We are to be a light in this world and shine the tr

Emerge: God calls us out from dark clouds into glorious lives.

  "When he had said these things, he cried out with a loud voice, "Lazarus, come out." The man who had died came out, his hands and feet bound with linen strips, and his face wrapped with a cloth. Jesus said   to them, "Unbind him, and let him go." John 11:43-44 ESV   When I hear the word 'emerge,' it stirs up powerful emotions of courage and faith deep within me. This word, emerge, paints a picture of a person or a thing coming out of a covering, solid and potent. Throughout the Bible, we read stories of God's mighty deliverance pulling his people out of situations and calling them into a divine purpose by words of his promises.    The story of Lazarus in John 11 is one such story and a favorite of mine. It offers one of the best descriptions of the power of God and its ability to call us out of difficult situations. The story, in a nutshell, tells us that Lazarus had died from a sickness, and it took Jesus a couple of days to reach where his body

The Purpose of Trials in a Christian's Life

Welcome to God's School!   You were auto enrolled in this educational journey when you gave your life to Christ. At that moment, when you believed in your heart and confessed with your mouth that Jesus is the son of God, you were signed up for a lesson by default.   The curriculum for this School is based on one book – The bible. It emphasizes the principles to live by to work out your salvation daily and live up to the calling of the new life you have in Christ. In God's School, like any traditional school, you learn in three ways – structured classes, self-study and hands-on practical.   Structured classes require you to attend bible study and  church services and interact with other Christians through your local church or communities.    Self-study requires you to set up times for daily devotion to God  when you read the bible for yourself and meditate on it.    Hands-on practical requires performing what

Making the most of your time

As humans, we may disagree on many things, but we may all agree that we only have one life, one shot at our time on earth. This thought, though, may cause a sense of alarm for some while a sense of urgency for others. I hope it's the latter for you. Reading through Psalm 90 especially verse 6, I could not help but draw an analogy between the times of the day and the seasons of our lives.  "In the morning it flourishes and grows up;    In the evening it is cut down and withers."  Psalm 90:6 Symbolic, isn't it?   Mornings can be likened to our younger days when it's all about growing up, flourishing, and trying new things.   Like a newly planted seed that germinates and starts to grow at the touch of water and light. If you are young, you are still in your mornings, a great time to learn and explore and discover who you are in God and what his plan is for you. It's a time to sow seeds of greatness by spending time with God in fellowship and giving your

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