Start With Little Wordless Thanks

    If you've ever been a bride or planned a wedding, you'd agree that one of the essential pieces of that momentous occasion is the outfit – The Wedding Dress. Brides travel far or browse the net for countless hours, searching for the perfect wedding dress. This critical mission has never been taken lightly by any bride I know.   So why is the search for the right dress crucial, you may ask? While the bride may try on different outfits because of style, fit, material or colour, she selects the dress simply because of how it makes her feel when she wears it. The perfect dress makes her feel ecstatic - complete joy and happiness. Every bride knows that the dress is the glue that sets the mood for the day and brings it all together, which is why reality shows like "Say yes to the dress" are always a hit.   Wearing a bridal outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks is fine, but eventually, you'd have to take it off at the end of the day. I haven't m

Joyful Morning Starter

A great way to start your day is to spend time with God. You find Joy and strength to face your day when you spend some time daily in the presence of God. I have a set time I get up every morning and a place in my home where I sit every morning to pray and be with God. I usually have a few things to help me get the best from my Me Time With God. I have my bible, a notepad, a pen, a sticky note and a cup of tea. Your time with God sets the tone for your day. So don't rush off into the morning without praying. Listen to God as you read the bible and write down ideas He puts in your mind. A joyful morning starts with God, don't forget that. Here are a few things to get you started.

New Dawn

If you feel like you need a new beginning, you should read Isaiah 57 from verses 14 to the end. It contains excellent promises of hope and fills you with fresh zest and courage to say, "today is a new day, a new dawn."     Today is a day of restoration, comfort and new beginnings. God's promises come clear and start with a call to return to God, our first love. Think about how you are experiencing your relationship with God today. Is it the same way as when you first believed? If not, this day brings an opportunity for a fresh start.    Remember your commitment to faith, passion for love, the joy of giving, and return to God with all your heart. Allow him to be the God of your life again. Take down everything you have made an idol, everything you have pursued more than you pursued your relationship with God.    Allow him to be first in your heart and life again. It's a new dawn, and it starts with a fiery passionate love for God and leads int

Spotlight: The World I Want By Dara Oloruntoba

Maybe one day, we will dream, And work in harmony. Maybe one day, we will see, More than people in poverty.   Maybe one day, we will know, That money doesn’t consume us. Maybe one day, we won’t Throw people under the bus.   Because I know that we can change, Get rid of our old ways. I believe in humankind, To go back to the old days.   ​ When we didn’t cheat, When we didn’t lie. Before our empathy Ran dry.   Helping people, Through time and space. When life wasn’t a wild goose chase.   But things will get better, This I know. With the help of FAIRTRADE®, We don’t have to go solo.   The banana farmers, The cocoa ones too. Will have a better life, It could be thanks to you.     Dara is a brilliant seventh-grader with a passion for acting, speaking, animating and writing. He has won several academic and artistic awards. Read more about him here:

Treasures in Secret Places

  Every child can relate to these words "let's go on a treasure hunt." The excitement and curiosity it evokes in the young mind is half the thrill of the game. Likewise, the words 'adventure' and 'treasure' will make any child leap because they look forward to the find and the joy from the hunt itself. The mystery, the surprise, the failures, and the anticipation all build up into one big, incredible adventure. That's why themed games around treasure, pirates or even the Easter egg hunt are always a big hit with kids.    As someone who works hard to preserve my inner child, you can imagine why Isaiah 45 struck a cord. My inner child leaped with excitement and said, "yes, I'm going on a treasure hunt with God." Isaiah 45, verses 2 and 3 put a new spin on my life on earth as I think about my walk with God; It's one big adventure.     "I will go before you and will level the mountains; I will break down gates of bronze and c

Your labour of love is not in vain.

  “He said to me, “You are my servant, Israel, in whom I will display my splendour.” But I said, “I have laboured in vain; I have spent my strength for nothing at all. Yet what is due me is in the Lord’s hand,   And my reward is with my God.” Isaiah 49: 2-4 (NIV)   Let’s talk about a common term, Labour of love. Sounds Familiar in any way? It’s an expression we use to signify sacrifice – something you do without the expectation of getting a reciprocated response—an act of goodwill.   In a world where goodness is often taken advantage of, it’s harder to continue doing good or being good. But as Christians’ we have been called to live a life of love even when it is not reciprocated. And though we know that, we sometimes rationalize and wonder why?   The question of why often arise when you review your actions retrospectively. You think about the sacrifices you’ve made and how you have stayed on the path of truth. “Was it t

April's Divine Visitor

  April is one of my favorite months, not just because it is my birth month but because it ushers in the lovely weather months. It signifies the end of the cold, dreary months and the beginning of bright sunny days. I love the month of April, which is why when I read through the verses of Jeremiah 29:10 and mediated on the part when God talked about a point on the time scale of destiny when he was going to visit his people, my heart leaped for joy. These words resonated with my expectation for April, A time when God checks in on his people to fulfill his promises.    "For thus saith the Lord, That after seventy years be accomplished at Babylon I will visit you, and perform my good word toward you, in causing you to return to this place." Jeremiah 29: 10 (KJV)   A divine visitor is coming your way this month. God is not just passing by; he is coming to perform his goodness in your life. You may have had to wait in uncomfortable situations, hoping an

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