What's for dinner?

Picture of a boy staring at his dinner
Don't you just hate those times when you have to decide what to serve for dinner? So many options to choose from so little time to prepare; it simply annoys me and puts my creativity to the test. But dinner is really important to me, I really believe it fosters quality family time that is much needed in our very busy lives.

Imagine you get back from work after a long day and drop heavily into your couch as you slowly start to unwind. The rumbling sound from your stomach reminds you that you missed an earlier meal.

“What should we eat tonight? You ask yourself.
“Rice? Not again, must have had that like every other day in this week alone.”
“Yam?” the monologue continues,  “It's a bit too late for that right? Sounds like breakfast”

A light bulb goes up in your head, maybe mix it up a bit and do something with Beans. “Hmmm, without a pressure cooker it takes over an hour to cook”. You sigh and try to hold back the feeling of frustration that settles when you remember any moment now your family would be home demanding dinner. Sleeves rolled up you head into the kitchen and with the last ounce of energy in your body; you begin to prepare something that would hopefully turn out well. 

“I'd simply go with good old Rice and spice it up with some vegetables,” you decide. With the Rice cooking, you have a few minutes to yourself to relax. You opt for the couch again. Eyes closed for a minute and some minutes later you are awakened by noises as the kids rush in with an unmatchable burst of energy. It's only then you notice the smell coming from the kitchen. You sigh and conclude, "This is not going to work"

"Hey we are eating out tonight!" you announce and the kids squeal with delight. Since dinner is already burnt we might as well just eat out.

How on earth can you cope with serving stemming hot delicious meals at dinnertime after a long day? I haven’t figured this out, have you? Any tips on fast, creative, and easy to cook meals that you could serve for dinner? 

My ideal will be something that I can prepare within 30 - 45mins. Any thoughts?


  1. Hmmmm... I'll go wt rice and quick sauce. Throw in some mixed veg. I know that feeling, take away helps sometimes though it's not healthy especially fr d kids.

  2. Weekends are a good time to cook in bulk and then freeze stuff like plain rice, yam, etc or the soups. Then in the evenings, you only have to worry about what to go with it.

  3. Eish.. The life of a woman! The best thing is to get a cook..loool

  4. I sometimes try the weekend cooking and freezing thingie too but I end up spending most of my day cooking. I guess it's a sacrifice to pay for a less stressful week. @ Tope, the Cook idea sounds great, a little expensive but great!

  5. Myne is right, preparing ahead helps. Tope is right too, getting a cook is a winner too. Lol!

    But what works really well for me even with the cook (who mainly just makes our tradidional soups for me in bulk cos I love to concot. not cook. concot. big difference) is having a time table so you do all this worrying in advance. I can send you a sample if you like. True, we stick to it loosely but on days when I dont want to think like on weekends, it's my Go to!

    And if all fails, my dear go out to eat o jare.....

    The DNW

  6. Dinner depends on who is eating; when big boss is not at home - pasta + sauce + cheese (if ur kids like it)!
    Dedicate a wknd and cook like it's Christmas day.
    If house help is involved- go timetable way.
    Too tired, to think boiled yam and red oil- tell kids oil will give them healthy bright eyes!!
    no stew- the kids love white rice + butter. one nite without veg won't kill.
    If cook has to come into picture, for me it has to be a cordon bleu chef- no loci pls! I can do d local!
    Uzo O

  7. LOL Uzo O!!! Especially the bright eyes part :-). Timetable and preparing ahead = stress free week and major-stress weekend.

  8. In my home, what works is d timetable thing. And, oh! My!
    We used to have a cook and it was great..... I mean, life was weally weally great. Got lazy eventually when dat luxury wasn't available. In a relearning process rite now. Though, honestly, if u'd rather spend money than time or energy (which is wise), get a cook.

  9. hmm, freezing works very well for me. I use saturdays to cook major soups and only have to cook the rice, yam within the week plus, i av learnt to cook spag for dinner as well. Its great with a little veg.

  10. Ok so from all I can gather cooking over the weekends and having a cook are the two most convenient options. Thanks Ladies!


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