Baby Blues

Baby holding a mother's hand

Oh, the joys of holding a newborn baby and the shared drama beforehand. Ironic, isn't it, that something so sweet can bring so much pain in the process of bringing it to life. I guess most people, even if they haven’t felt the pain of childbirth, have heard a lot of stories about it—most of which are not so pleasant. And it’s not just the process of labor; it’s everything from the moment of conception. 

I read that nearly 50 per cent of women experience pregnancy-related sickness early in their pregnancy and that, by itself, it isn't so grand. All the throwing up, gagging, and spitting takes the luster off your day. And just when you think, ah, this part is over, your body begins to stretch and expand to accommodate the growing life in you. A lot of times stretching and expanding leaves you with permanent scars, but you soak it up because you know that in a few months, you'll be holding your very own little bundle of joy and it would have all been worth the trouble. Little do you realize that even after the birth, there are a few more baby-related troubles you have to go through. I’m talking about the sleepless nights, frequent diaper changes, doctor's appointments, the whole baby blues that come from having someone else depend on you 24/7—and don't even get me started on the no social life part!

It’s so amazing that, in spite of how strenuous the whole process is, many women still joyfully go through it over and over again. You would think, after all that drama, women would stay off having kids. While some women do just that, most women don't. Amazing! So, why would you go through all of that again? Well, I recently learnt that once a process ends, humans tend to forget about it and focus on the result, as long as the pleasure derived from the result outweighs the pain of the process.

Life does throw us many situations that require hard work and loads of pain to survive, but like the experience of birthing, it’s important that we focus on the end result in order to survive the pain. One of my favorite pain-pleasure stories is the one about the days leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus. The pre-crucifixion drama is so intense that Mel Gibson had to make a movie about it, and if you have watched The Passion of the Christ, you'd know what I'm talking about. But the bible does say He endured the shame of the cross for the joy that was set before him. It really had to be such a great joy to go through all that!

So, for all my ladies out there in the process of having a baby, hang in there the prize far outweighs your present discomfort. And for everyone who has a huge task ahead to deal with in life generally, ignore the bumps along the way the end is all that counts. Try to focus on the bigger picture and just take it head on. If it gets painful, just soak it up. If it gets really blurry along the way, focus on the end result. When all is said and done, just like the warmth and relieve that comes over a woman after childbirth, you’ll find your joy and comfort in your prize.

Life's one bumpy ride, but the end is good. 

Keep living.


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