Memo: Me to You

Picture of blue push pin
Let’s play a game, shall we? It is a simple what-if question and answer game.
Let’s assume your best friend advised you to play the National Lottery. What are the chances of you winning big? If you knew your chances were one in a million, would you still play the lottery? Maybe, maybe not. Either way the odds are against you winning.
What if your best friend said she was in possession of the winning numbers? Would you play the lottery? Maybe, maybe not. Perhaps your decision would boil down to how much you trust your friend.
What if you saw the winning numbers? Would you play the lottery? Definitely, the stakes would be in your favor. Presumably, you would play the lottery because, having seen the winning numbers, it would be impossible for you to lose. You would have the winning ticket!
What if someone told you he had seen your future and had the blueprint for your success? Would you listen? Maybe, maybe not. But what if the person was willing to show it to you, I mean, to hand over your life’s blueprint? Would you listen? I want to believe you would.
What if I told you God has seen your future, He knows how everything in your life will play out, and, as a matter of fact, He knew even before your life began? What if I told you He knew the day you would be born and He knows the day you will leave the earth, even how?
What if I told you He knows the exact steps you need to take in order to succeed in this life? He knows which relationships will prosper and which ones will bring you pain. He knows the route that leads to your desired end; He knows what will bring you good fortune.
He knows! And the good news is He desires to hand over that blueprint to you, but only if you listen and obey His commands. In Isaiah 48:18, God declared to His children, How I wish you had obeyed my commands! Your success and good fortune would then have overflowed like a flooding river.”
It’s amazing how easily people complicate their lives. The Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and End, the All-Knowing God offered to hand over to His children the manual for their lives, and they refused to listen. Amazing!
And the even more amazing part of this story is that God offered this manual with a lifetime guarantee of success and good fortune that will overflow like a flooding river. How could anyone miss out on an offer like that? You tell me!
How can you miss out on an offer like the one God provides? Today, God wants to hand over to you the master plan for your life along with a lifetime guarantee of success and good fortune. However, it comes with a proviso: if you listen to Him and obey His commands. Simple.
Will you jump at this offer? Honestly, I think you should. Turn to God’s Word today and ask Him to send you a memo on your life. Ask Him for the blueprint—the instructions for how to build your temple according to His plan. Tell Him you are willing to listen and that your ears are turned to Him now. Enough of the aimless wandering, meaningless pursuits, and irrelevant achievements. Tell Him you are ready to obey.