Rythm for Life

Picture of woman dancing

The gentle sway of her hips intensifies as the beats become faster. Her sober expression brightens as the lights come on and flash across revealing the person in the silhouette. With a jolt, she turns wildly and begins an eccentric dance in the middle of stage. The spectacular twisting of her body precisely attuned to changes in the beat of the song holds the crowd in awe.
She slows into a rhythmic pace as the lights dull and the beat slows, releasing a calming influence on the crowd. Her wild smile is replaced by a subtle grin. The floor reverberates with the tapping of her heels against the wood. A combination of samba and waltz, the lone dancer dazes the audience with a spectacular  finish. She spins and suddenly halts, bringing the dance to an end.
The lights come on as the crowd goes wild with applause. She smiles, curtsies, and blows a kiss. Mesmerized by the amazing performance, I finally find the strength to join in the riotous cheer for the lone dancer . It wasn’t the intricacies of her performance that held the audience, but the audacity of her dance as she moved to what only her ears could understand. It was the precision of the turns, the details in the convoluted movements, and the appreciation of timing that turned this eccentric dance into a masterpiece.
It was nothing like I had ever seen before. The music started at an almost confusing pace, then drastically slowed and picked up again. The rhythm would confuse other dancers, but to the lone dancer, it was her special  rhythm—the one to which she was accustomed. She had listened to the piece of music over and over again; it was through this piece that her uniqueness shone. It was the rhythm for her life’s performance, one that no one else could understand.
Her success as a lone dancer rested solely on that one piece, that maddening composition, to which her soul could freely express itself. Her great success was born of  this song, created from the innermost desires of her heart to be free to express her unique self and become her own person. It is only to her life’s rhythm that this eccentric lone dancer could have mesmerised the crowd with her dance. The lone dancer, in a single performance, taught me to find my song, deep within my soul, the one to which my spirit is free to express itself.
Every person’s soul has a rhythm, a song from which greatness is born. It is the unique combination of inner desires and outer abilities that separates us from others, and it is in dancing to your own rhythm that your life’s glow will be seen by others. In the rush of life, it is easy to tune your song out and dance to the beats of others, but you would amount to nothing . You wouldn’t stand out; you’d just blend in. You need to learn to tune out the noise and focus on your inner rhythm and dance to life. Your rhythm is what makes you uniquely you.


  1. The seemingly loony tunes... how very apt. Thank you for sharing

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  3. Thanks Anonymous :) but there is a subcription link on the left hand panel of the blog where you can sign up to receive weekly updates via email.

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