A Work of Art

Every once in a while, something dramatic happens that throws a man’s life off course. It could be the loss of a spouse, a bad business deal, or issues with the law. Such defining moments often make a man wonder about what is essential in his life from that point on. It is so amazing how quickly a seemingly good situation can change and go horribly wrong, leaving people completely helpless and feeling utterly despondent. Everyone has gone through a time when all the plans have failed, all the help has been seized, and all the courage has withered in the face of an impossible situation. 

At times like this, it’s easy to throw in the towel and just assume your new life. Sometimes we try to make a sense of it all, asking why did this happen and what am I supposed to learn from this experience? However, at the end of the day, nothing about what you have just gone through makes sense, so what’s the point? It’s really frustrating and often discouraging to go through a major storm in your life. 

I recently watched a great man build an empire, and then he saw everything collapse before his very eyes. I watched in horror, completely helpless, as he lost everything he had worked for. I was deeply anguished as I watched him try to rebuild what he had lost, but his efforts were fruitless. Sometimes, he even gave in to his new fate. So, one morning, in an attempt to find some way to encourage this wounded soul, I turned to the book of ageless wisdom and found solace in Jeremiah 18: 4.
“But the pot he was shaping from the clay was marred in his hands. So the potter formed it into another pot, shaping it as seemed best to him”
This is a simple story of a potter who was working with some clay. He had a great design in his mind of the timeless piece he was going to make. This wasn’t going to be just another clay piece; it was going to become a treasured relic and adorn royal palaces. The potter worked with great precision and purpose. This was going to be his masterpiece—the emblem of his genius. However, as he worked on the piece, something unexpected happened, something he didn’t envisage—the piece was damaged during the creation process. The potter didn’t stop working on it, he didn’t cast away his masterpiece, and he didn’t throw up his hands in utter submission. He simply devised another plan—a plan that best accommodated the mistakes that had been made. He went on to create his masterpiece, but he had been given a different design.
It is inevitable that at some point life will come at you, and you will believe that what is coming will destroy you. It may be some enormous problem that could overwhelm your very existence, but like the potter, God is determined to keep working on you and transforming you into the masterpiece he intended for you to be from the very beginning. As life takes you down this winding lane, you need to remember to keep your faith in God’s master plan for your life because that plan was created specifically for you, for your unique circumstances. It often takes a lot to keep believing against all odds, but it’s worth the effort. God’s plan for your life is all that matters, and in spite of the defining moment you might find yourself in right now, if you keep trusting in God’s plan and working in line with that plan, he will redefine your path and help you become the very best you can be. Just as the potter didn’t discard the damaged piece, God will not dispose of you. You mean too much to him.


  1. The last paragraph says it all... God will not dispose of me. It's a word for my moment and season. Thank you so much because it confirms a word for me .

  2. @ Kayode it confirms a word for me too. God bless.

  3. Its a time to learn and un-learn as you seek a way forward.
    Pray and act on your faith, yes act on your faith!
    Try your possible best to maximise on the gains from the pains of loss.... Rotimi

  4. ...that's the thing, seeing the gain in the midst of a storm is an art we all have to learn.


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