Grandpa says… Security and accident prevention tips

Learning from other people's mistakes

The young may have their strength but old men are blessed with wisdom that comes with age. A wise man once said “Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety.” Starting from this month, I will be sharing some writings from an old wise man that I am truly honoured to have grown under his tutelage. Coming from a man who has inspired me in more ways than one and encouraged me to thread on the creative path, I am so pleased to share with you some of his words of wisdom and I'm hoping you would use it in your day to day activities to act wisely and stay safe.

1.                  Do not follow the same route at the same time and by the same means every day. Someone may be monitoring your routine with evil intention.

2.                  Think twice before planting Coconut trees in your garden. In a few years, your children may be exposed to the danger of falling Coconuts.

3.                  Do not carry hot water across the house (for example, from the kitchen to bedroom toilet). A child may be running about and could get burnt.

4.                  Never leave an electric iron on, when going to attend to other matters. Switch it off from the socket.

5.                  If you can afford to do it, do not lock yourself in the bathroom. Some have slipped and died in the bathroom for lack of immediate access.

6.                  Never run your electricity generator in a confined place. Gases from generator exhaust can kill.

7.                  Garden and construction tools should not be left lying about in your compound. You may be providing an intruder ready tools with which to break your home. Keep them locked up somewhere.

8.                  Make sure you really know who is speaking to you on the phone before you start giving vital information about yourself away.

9.                  Switch off all appliances in case of power failure, especially when you are on your way out of your house. Heaters, cookers, boiling rings and pressing iron left on may become source of fire.

10.              Allow enough time and fresh air before sleeping in a room sprayed with insecticide.

Before you jump out and make a mistake, listen to what Grandpa says. 

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