Creating your own personal style

picture of a beautiful womanHave you ever seen someone in an outfit and the first thought in your head was, 'What was she thinking?' Being fashionable does not necessarily translate into wearing what is "in" but what makes you become your own person. So whether you’ve got it figured out or you are just trying out what works for you, here are some tips on how to create your own personal style.


When choosing what to wear, there are some basic things that must be taken into consideration. One is age. You can't be a certain age and then go ahead to wear something suitable for someone four decades younger. Another thing is what you do for a living. Dress to suit your profession when required.


Is there someone whose fashion style you'd like to emulate? They do not have to be a celebrity; it could be a neighbor, friend or colleague. Remember, don't copy, just use some aspects of their style to create yours.


Look into your wardrobe to see the outfits that you love the most and are comfortable in. Let them serve as an inspiration when you are shopping for new things. A wardrobe evaluation also points you in the direction of a change (if one is needed). It will give you an opportunity to do a little weeding out of items that you probably need to give away.


Your wardrobe need not be filled with expensive clothes in order to create your own personal style. However, a lady's wardrobe should have a few classic staples. These can then be complemented with trendy accessories. This list is not exhaustive.

·         Black Pants

·         Pencil Skirt (Black and Tan)

·         White Blouse/Shirt

·         Little Black Dress

·         Jeans

·         Black high heels


Someone once said, ' Dress for the job you want, not the one you have' Are you trying to land a better job? Then dress the part. Do you want your clients to perceive you as a serious business person/ professional? Then dress the part. You don't have to break the bank to look good. A few additions to your corporate wardrobe would help.

Remember, don't follow the crowd. "It's in" does not necessarily translate into "It’s for me". We have different body types and should therefore dress to suit them. Find your own style; the one that you are comfortable in and the one that makes you be yourself and not someone else. Also, remember that of all the items that you wear, your expression is the most important. So, put on that smile and create your own persona!

Written by Tabitha

Tabitha runs Tabitha Online Fashion, a Lagos based online clothing store. For more personal style tips contact: or Twitter: @tabithafashion

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  1. Good write up.
    Thanks for the tips especially the one about not needing to wear what is in vogue in order to be fashionable.
    Some ladies need to hear that.

  2. I enjoyed reading your post. Ladies really need to be hearing this cos I see stuff that make me wonder if fashion is now another word for crazy. I have a post on something similar on my blog


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