Grandpa says ... Security and Accident Prevetion Tips (2)

The young may have their strength but old men are blessed with wisdom that comes with age. Before you jump out and make a mistake, listen to what Grandpa has to say.

·         Switch off your portable generator, allow to cool down, and then refill. Do not refill your generator while still working.
·         In case of power failure, switch off all appliances to prevent them from being damaged by power surge when power is restored.
·         Do not put edible items in similar containers with harmful items. Children may not notice the difference.
·         Do not leave young children alone in the car. There was this story of a young boy who released the hand-brake and almost caused accident when the car started rolling.
·         Fasten your seat-belt before moving your car. Do not start struggling with seat-belt when the car is already in motion.
·         Once you remove your phone from the charger, remove the charger from the socket. By doing that, you conserve energy and prevent accident.
·         If it has to do with security and accident prevention, don't just think about it, don't just talk about it, do something about it.
·         It is dangerous to pick up strange parcels, notify the police when you come across strange objects in the vicinity.
·         Treat every electricity wire lying on the ground as "live wire", even when the power is switched off. Notify the power company immediately.
·         When you are about to cross the road, double-check each direction before you cross.
·         Do not put total reliance on your driving mirrors; they sometimes make objects look further away than they really are. Double-check!
·         The depth of a pothole on a road cannot be properly ascertained when driving in the rain. Slow down.
·         Headset can be useful, but your ears can be damaged when the volume is high.
·         Burning a pile of rubbish in your garden without being there to monitor it can be dangerous. Such small fires are known to have become big inferno.
·         Don't buy drugs for yourself because your Doctor has prescribed it for a similar sickness on previous occasion. Go again and again to your Doctor whenever you are sick and get a prescription.
·         Take a good look at other passengers in the Cab. You may have to give their description to the Police in future, if the need arises.
·         The driver you need to worry about is the one who keep on saying, "don't worry" to every observation you raise or to the warnings you draw his attention to.
·         The person to distrust most is the one who is quick to swear about his sincerity.
·         It is better to talk to your bank's customer service than to seek assistance from someone at the ATM.
·         An old friend whom you have not seen for long should be treated as a new acquaintance. He may no longer be the good guy you used to know.
Written by a wise old man
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