Misery Memory

My Dearest Friend,

In all sincerity I didn’t mean to offend you but in my rush for life I didn’t realize I had forgotten all about you. I forgot the promises we made to each other when I was a child and how we promised to stay together through the good and bad. I forgot the times you watched out for me and how you stood up for me when I was too weak to fight. I forgot all about the days you covered my shift and the nights you stood in for me. I forgot all about the promises of tomorrow that we shared, which shaped my dreams and confirmed my plans.

Honestly, my friend, I didn’t mean to offend you, but in my rush for life I did. I bruised the only hand that had been my support and blocked out the only voice that directed my path. I turned my back on the essence of our friendship, a friendship which was built on faith, integrity and love. I met new people who promised me a faster road to the same destination we both wanted to reach. I followed the crowd and joined the maddening rush, and little did I realize I had missed my turn.

My friend, I enjoyed the thrill of this new-found experience and the frills that came with it. And though I missed the simple ways you represented, I was too engrossed in my escapades to realize that I had missed my turn. Descending down the spiral way that led to destruction, I had no idea of what I was doing but was delighted to know I had made my choice. Without a second thought for you, my friend, I fled off to enjoy what would only remain a misery memory.

But the depth of our friendship, the breadth of your love for me, the genuineness of your concern could have been sensed from a million miles away. You knew I was headed in the wrong direction, you knew I had missed my turn and had veered off the highway of life, and though I had betrayed your trust you took a chance and came in search of me. And though I rebuffed your many advances, your persistence made me wonder why you would not give up.

Then, one day, I followed you back just out of curiosity, wondering what it was that you so earnestly wanted me to know. And as I ascended up the stairway with you I began to realize that my clothing was worn, tattered and torn. My hair was disheveled, my eyes hung heavy from inadequate rest and my breath was repulsive even to me. My knees ached and my ankles bled as we walked. As I ascended higher with you I began to notice just how dark the pathway I had been threading was, just how lonely the walk had been without your constant presence, my friend.

When you finally led me back to the lit path, then turned and walked away, I noticed by the sag of your shoulders the weight of sadness I had placed on you. My friend, tonight, in all sincerity, I want you to know that my heart is yours to keep and that our friendship is mine to cherish. I respect your love for me and I choose to remain on the right path that you have shown me.

In all sincerity, my friend, tonight I remember your words: “If you reject God’s teaching, you will pay the price; if you obey his commands, you will be rewarded.” I am done disobeying, my friend. I choose to obey.

Your lost but found friend.