Be the Voice

With the increasing liberalization of trade across national borders, the world’s economy has been exposed to the ripple effect of changes in industry dynamics in any country. The fingerprints of an integrated world can be seen on most street corners through the presence of immigrants in local stores and the absence of the native boy groomed to run the family business. 

With this in mind, a selfish act from one employee can drastically affect the lives of others miles away. The new world, new economy poses to Multinationals several ethical and governance challenges to which they have previously not been exposed to. Where do we draw the line? Who sets the standard for ethical behaviors in today’s global economy? The CEO? The Company? The Government? International Organizations? Or the individuals who make up the organizations? 

On which ethical issues will the corporation exceed its required obligations to its stakeholders and how does it tie into their corporate strategy? Who will step up to the table and take responsibility for what is done in today’s business world? God’s standard for us as Christians is simple: Love your neighbor as yourself. Whatever is good for the goose is good for the gander. Employers can no longer hide under the umbrella of government policies while exploiting workers in different parts of the world. 

It is our collective responsibility to ensure we demand high ethical and moral standards from our respective employers with regards to how they conduct their business. Don’t just stand by and watch, the least you can do is ensure every document that passes through your table or every role committed to you is carried out with highest and best standard for delivery. And if you notice something wrong being done, speak up.

Be the voice of change.


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