Perfecting your complexion

Written by TY Bassey – Experienced Make-up and Skin Consultant
There is saying, ‘’if you take care of your skin, your complexion will take care of itself’’. Well I didn’t really believe this until I got into the business of the human skin. We all know that there are 3 basic skin types- oily, normal and dry; and I assume we have a basic understanding of how to keep our skin clean. Oils produced by the body help keep the skin healthy, but there can be too much of a good thing. Excess oil can lead to blemishes and acne flare-up.  
Acne can be blackhead and pimples. Women with active oil glands and large pores are most prone to it. Acne usually begins with blackheads. Blackheads are not dirty but as a result of oil dead cell that get trapped in pore, block the duct and mix with bacteria. The secretion turns black through exposure to air. A pimple occurs when touched with dirty fingers which might bust to become a scar. Acne can also be caused by stress, hormones, bad cosmetics, birth control pills and other medications. Since this is a common problem that most people deal with,  I want to share with you the secret to having the perfect skin tone through two simple steps – cleansing and moisturizing the right way.

Oily skin

This type of skin is prone to having breakouts and blemishes due to the amount of oil produced by the skin. To ensure you maintain and clear and flawless oily skin:
  • Wash twice a day with oil free beta hydroxyl or gel cleanser to take off the dirt, oil and makeup of the face.
  • Exfoliate; this step takes off dead cells that have accumulated on the skin over the years by using a facial scrub. This step should be done 4 to 5 times a week while a facial mask can be applied once a week.
  • Apply a toner. The toner takes off the residue that the cleanser and the scrub may have left behind, and so the face is super clean. It also reduces new breakouts and it takes off shine so that the face could be matte for a while depending on how oily the face is.
  • Moisturize; one could use an oil control or an oil free moisturizer. Avoid products with pore clogging ingredients.
  • Apply a Sun block; it is advisable to protect your skin from harmful sun rays. Look out for a product that has Sunscreen SPF25/30.

Normal/Combination Skin

This skin type features oiliness only on the T zone, other parts of the skin are dry and the skin texture is even. To care for a normal/combination skin;
  • Cleanse day and night
  • Exfoliate two or three times a week.
  • Tone it by using an alcohol free toner so as to avoid over drying the skin
  • Moisturize with a balancing moisturizer
  • Apply a Sun block

Dry Skin

This skin type features are flakiness, fine lines, and roughness as a result of dryness. This type of skin is not common in young people. To care for dry skin;
  • Cleanse with a creamy cleanser and a creamy mask so as to seal in moisture in the skin
  • Exfoliate once a week.
  • Moisturize day and night.
  • Use a sun block.
About the writer
TY Bassey is an experienced Make up and skin consultant that has helped women rediscover their true beauty and embrace their natural flaws. For consulting information contact


  1. Please can you suggest or give the names of a number of good toner creams you know? this could go a long way..thanks

  2. Hello Efe, there are wide varieties of good products. i can advice you to try any of these products too which really good n it works!
    Mary Kay formula 2 n 3 ranges( toners, blemishes)
    Mary Kay Timewise miracle set( cleanse,exfoliate n ,moisturize)
    Neutrogena visible range( cleanser/toner)
    Clinique formula 3 range.( cleanser,toner)
    Clean and Clear clarifying toner/scrub/moisturizer.
    Thank you

  3. Quite informative and educational

  4. Thumbs up babes......more grease!!

  5. They are also really good creams for dry skin conditions, excessive use of body treatment especially containing harsh chemicals can be counter-productive so while you treat your skin conditions ensure your cream or body lotion is soothing the after effects. E45 is a good one which I've used.


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