Quietly Trust Me

I was chatting with a friend about a pattern I recently discovered in my life which was beginning to have detrimental effects on my well-being. I realized that between January and March of every year I often battled with severe headaches. I could not figure out why until I prayed and asked God for help. And then He revealed the pattern that had formed and the reason. 

At the beginning of every year I try to start out at a fast pace, determined to make every second count. I engage in a lot of planning and strategizing. My typical day starts too early and ends too late, resulting in an overworked, hyper-driven and headache-prone me.  I turned to God for help because it suddenly dawned on me that no matter how hard I worked at planting a seed only God could give the increase. He gave me two pills that worked better than the strongest pain killer I had ever taken: Calm down and quietly trust me. 

Isaiah 30:15 reminds us of a promise God made many years back, “I will keep you safe if you turn back to me and calm down. I will make you strong if you quietly trust me.I know the demands of life often put so much pressure on us and we can easily be fooled into thinking our arms will bring the victory we desire. Do not fall into the senseless trap of overworking yourself like I did, calm down and quietly trust God because He has promised to keep you safe and make you strong and He will fulfill His word.

Quietly trust in God.


  1. Thanks for sharing. Hope you and your family are OK?

  2. Thanks Myne we are all doing great!

  3. Thanks for remembering us this at this crucial time. The situation with the speaker is also thesame with a lot of people usually when the year is going to end. They are bent on making sudden profits in their businesses to spend for the Christmas celebration which they are not able to make since the beginning of the year till that time. Hence, some loose a lot of things in the process and in extreme cases, life is lost! They have forgotten they have to ''calm down and quietly trust in God''


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