When you look back on your life and all the moments you’ve had
When you take account of all the days you’ve lived and times had
When you sit back and truly reflect on what has been and what could have
You will discover a pattern of favor undeserved, luck unmerited and mercy unexplainable
If you truly allow yourself to reflect on all the doors that opened and gifts you received
Then you will truly understand God’s love for you and the length he would go to show you how much he cares.
At every turn in my life, every road and every season
When it seemed my cards where played and the game was up
When I thought I had come to the end of it all,
A light was turned on and a new pathway revealed
An idea was birth that ignited a new flame and passion
A moment was shared that changed my life forever
In all my years, God has proved again and again that his love was beyond compare
He has kept his word and surpassed my imaginations
So here I stand yet again in awe of his grace,
 I can only utter “God is good, so trust him.”


  1. Praise the Lord! I am also a living testimony to God's goodness and i can say His banner over me is Love!

  2. God is awesome, I trust him at all times and he neva leave me nor forsake me. What I can say, all I can say is THANK YOU LORD


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