From nothing to something

nowhere to somewhere

from nobody to somebody

through all difficulties to the stars

through the valley of the shadow of death

You protected, guided and inspired me

that I may not die but live

to proclaim the work of your hand

whatever be my lot in life

I give the glory to the Ancient of Days

who strengthens me... Henry K. Oke (1991)

“Abraham answered: The Lord God Most High made the heavens and the earth. And I have promised him that I won’t keep anything of yours, not even a sandal strap or a piece of thread. Then you can never say that you are the one who made me rich.”
Genesis 14: 22-23
When God does his work he leaves his signature on it so you can be absolutely certain that it is the work of God and not man. Many times we try to stand in the place of the Creator. We play God and attempt to craft out, through human wisdom, a phenomenon that far exceeds our understanding.

We stand in the way of nature and command the earth to take a different course. We invite the ephemeral to circumvent the eternal. It is in man to take charge and have dominion over all. It is our God given instinct that makes us want to work it out at all costs. In all our futility we forget that it takes a steady hand to ride the horse. It takes trained eyes to see the picture in a mosaic. It takes the unchanging hand of God to bless a Man and make him stand out blessed among nations.

It is not enough to just exist; you need to become all he designed you to be. To fulfill destiny you require more than just human efforts. You need the touch of the Divine to be distinguished among others. Allow God be your help and watch your life take a new shape in the skillful hands of The Potter.