Christmas Wishlist 2013

It's Christmas again, another time to celebrate the best gift we ever received - God's son. In the spirit of Christmas, this year, a group of people need your help to make their Christmas a little more merry than it is right now. 

Below is a list of needs from select NGOs and charity organizations who are looking for sponsors. It doesn't have to be a lot, the little you give will go a long way in improving the life of someone. So please spend some time to read through the list below and if you will like to make a wish come through please send an email to or contact the individuals directly through the contact methods indicated. Thanks all, looking forward to your generous givings.

Christmas Wishlist 2013


£4000 (N1,000,000) to fund the continuation of our supporting disable children to attend primary school in Lagos State.

Development Impact for Nigeria is a small Diaspora led agency focusing on Nigeria. At the moment we have over 200 orphans and vulnerable children in Ayobo-Ipaja LCDA and over another 300 disable children in Alimosho Local Government Council we are directly supporting in one form or another. We are attempting to raise a total of £4000 (N1,000,000) to fund the continuation of our supporting disable children to attend primary school in Lagos State. At the moment we are working with 3 special inclusive units [over 400 disable children and their parents/carers] providing funds for: Extra teachers, Developing care staff teams, Providing vocational skills instructors for both the children and their parents/carers, Running parent support and advice  workshops and Providing emergency funding support to  a small selection of very needy parents. All the above is being funded from a 1 year Comic Relief Research grant we received in January 2013. The funding ends in December 2013 and while we are very hopeful that they will agree to continue funding for a few more years the new funding won't start till May 2014. The £4000 raised will ensure that the programme will continue to run till the end of the 2013/2014 school year up to July 2014. 
 To donate contact: Yomi Oloko

£5 (N1,250) to buy 5 reading/story books for children in 9 State run school in Ayobo-Ipaja, Lagos.

Development Impact for Nigeria is a small Diaspora led agency focusing on Nigeria. We want to ensure that from January 2014 the children can run child led reading exercises by providing each school with 50 books of the same title. So would you consider donating just £5 (N1,250) towards this project or why not even get your faith group members, friends and family involved.   NB: By the way all the reading books are produced in Nigeria and are culturally appropriate.                 
To donate contact: Yomi Oloko

5 bags of Rice and Hampers for  'The Salt Smile Factory'

The Salt Smile Factory is an initiative of the Joined Up Motherhood (JUM) group. JUM is a group of mothers who come together once a quarter to pray for their children. At the end each prayer gathering, a collection is taken and all the funds collected go towards helping a 'mom in need'.  Who is a 'mom in need'? A mother (identified by a JUM mom) out there doing all she can do make ends meet and could do with a little support. Think moms living in 'batchas' in Lekki Phase I or the lady you see in church and your heart tells you is struggling.  For me, it's not really about the amount (though money surely helps), its more about letting these moms know that they are not alone and that God is thinking about them. The Salt Smile Factory is no grand platform. There is no red tape and no pomp. All we seek to do is put a smile on another mother's face. Happy mom, happy child, happy society. right? Best of all, we get to make God smile. How Many Bags of Rice/Hampers? In 2013, we were able to reach 4 mothers. Our first gathering was in March (2 moms), July (1 mom) and October (1 mom).  We plan to have our last prayers in December and will hopefully reach one more mom. So 5 moms in all.
To donate contact: Abimbola Essien-Nelson

Funds for School Fees and Christmas Party for the Kids at Destiny Home

Destiny Home ( is a shelter for children who are picked off the streets and the current residents were mostly found on the former Kuramo Beach.  They are planning an end of year activity for the kids at the moment. The coordinator, Abimbola Ojenike said: ‘Depending on availability of resources, we are considering a family day out with the kids and their families or a Christmas party at the home where we invite family and friends’. He said their budget is between N50,000-100,000 but they plan to minimize funds on the party so as to adequately prepare for the school fees of next term for the kids. Each child spends an average of N50,000 on school every term.

To donate contact: Abimbola Ojenike:

Educational materials for Jumpstart Academy to enhance learning for Public school kids

Jumpstart Academy ( is a non-profit organization committed to reforming the education of public secondary school students in Ibadan by providing resources and adequate mentoring to them. They recently secured a conducive space in Bodija, Ibadan for their weekend trainings and weekday tutorials which are absolutely free for 16 Jumpstart Academy scholars (this training + mentorship program which runs for 2yrs costs N70,000 per scholar, originally). To equip their  new space, they need the following:
  • ·         25 plastic chairs (N1,000 each)
  • ·         A projector
  • ·         White board
  • ·         Printer
  • ·         Standing fan
  • ·         Table
  • ·         Generator
  • ·         Rug/Carpet
To donate contact: Abimbola Iyun:

Donations for LACE Concert to teach teenage girls about purity

L.A.C.E ( is an acronym for Ladies After Christ’s Example. It is a faith based club for teenage girls. The goal is to help them maximize purpose and teach them about purity. On December 7, they are organizing a concert... Music, dance, drama, fashion and talk show for 300 teenagers. The coordinator, Funto Oni said: ‘We have 3 female gospel artistes coming, 2 dance groups, 1 drama group and 2 speakers - Toyosi Akerele and Titi Tewe. It will be hosted by Dansol High School ‘. They are in need of support whether in cash or through donation of food items like cake, sweets, biscuit or gift items for the girls.
To donate contact:  Olufunto Oni:,

Development materials for the Youth Center

The JFFI (  youth club focuses on reaching out and encouraging the development of the less privileged youths in our community.  It is a place where youth can hang out with each other and do some interesting activities together. It comprises of the study centre where young people can discover and develop their talents, potentials and career in life; game centre which would help to build their mental and creative abilities; and capacity building which would help to nurture the character and attitude of the youth thereby reducing crime, promiscuity and idleness. The needs of the youth centre are as follows:
  • 17 seater minibus (right hand drive) 
  • 46 inch TV( 2) 
  • Nintendo wii console  
  • X box 360  
  • Portable cabin ( that can accommodate 20 youths at a sitting)  
  • 24 banquet chairs 
  • 6 tables  
  • DVD and blue ray player 
  • Standard piano 
  • Sound system( amplifier, 2 speakers, mixer and 4  wireless microphones)  
  • Standard air conditioning and heating facility  
  • Computers and other facilities  
  • Youth resources like motivational  books,  dvds and games
To donate contact:

School fees and recreational materials for JCMO Kids

Jesus Children Mission Outreach, Ibadan takes care of orphans and abandoned kids. They are currently responsible for 95 kids who vary from preschool to University students. The outreach currently needs: 
  • 1 School Bus
  • Generator
  • Indoor/Outdoor games 
  • Television
  • DVD player
  • School Fees sponsors (Nursery, Primary, Secondary and University)  
To donate contact: Rosemary Odigbo +234 8033843762

Higher Education students looking for school fees sponsors:

  • Married PhD student in University of Ilorin, Nigeria saddled with family responsibility and looking to complete his PhD in Mathematics Education (N105,350) 
  • Mother of one going through a family situation and looking to establish her career by undergoing a Masters programme (£4000)
Interested sponsors should contact

 ...For in the same measure that you give, it shall be given to you. Luke 6:38