Reliving Moments

How far would you go to be at rest?
For some it’s more money
For others it’s getting married
For some others it’s extinguishing an adversary
For me it’s ending the day knowing I gave it all to fulfilled my purpose
I hate to go to bed thinking about what I haven’t done
Or what I still have unsettled from the day before
When I end the day with most of my To Do list crossed off
I tend to sleep sounded, longer, my mind at rest
I love the feeling of crossing out the days on my calendar
Knowing I have given my best to each
Acknowledging the little steps I took towards the bigger goal
I love the feeling of knowing my heavenly father smiles
Each time I go to bed knowing I have given my all in pursuit of his will
The roadmap to living in peace is written in the hearts of all
A few minutes of each day given to discovering that route
Pays of at the very end of your life’s journey

When all begins to wind down
And the sands of time slowly drains its last grains
When the sun begins to set on your time here
And you take a few moments to reminisce
On the times and seasons long gone
When you sit idly in the swaying chair
And watch the little children dance in the rain
Then images begin to flash back at you
And you see the days you really lived
The moments you truly gave
The opportunities you honestly used
The lives you lovingly touched
Then you would lie down without a pain
And rest in peace knowing on the other side
God will be gladly waiting to receive you