The Oil on Aaron’s Beard

"It is like the precious ointment upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron's beard: that went down to the skirts of his garments."  Psalm 133:2
There is something about leadership and authority, if used well, that inspires the souls of men. It’s the quality that makes a man command the respect of another like him—the very essence of a heralded leader that helps him build a formidable team. Not everyone has it, and not everyone in the place of authority exemplifies it. But a few very lucky ones are not leaders by title but by character. What separates a king from his followers is the spirit he bears and extrudes. And like the oil poured on Aaron’s head that flowed down to his beards and the rest of his garments, true leadership starts at the top and flows down to the rest of the team.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of working with exceptional leaders, and one of the most striking characteristics about all of them is the ability to inspire—not just by what they did but how they did it. These people carried with them an air that said I have everything under control; when they opened their mouths to speak, the words were firm and reassuring. When difficult situations confronted them, they didn’t tremble in fear; instead, they rose to the challenge, admitted their fears, and took the necessary action in spite of those fears.
Great leaders have always been in short supply, and it’s refreshing from time to time when you come across one. People generally follow such a person not because he requested the attention or devotion, but because the person’s aura commanded it. So what makes a leader great? Is it the role he takes on or the deliverables he produces? Is it the way people quiver around him or the way they disperse when he appears? Would you consider a person that tramples on others a leader or just someone who stoops to conquer? 

In my opinion, to qualify as a great leader, you must have the spirit of one. So I looked in my favorite book—the Bible—and pulled out the qualities that made these leaders great to share them with you. As you aspire to become a great leader in your life’s journey, if you do, remember to model these qualities:

*      Honesty
o   2 Samuel 12: David always admitted he was wrong, even when he had committed adultery with Bathsheba.
*      Confidence
o   Numbers 14: Joshua was certain God could deliver the promised land to his people in spite of the giants that lived in the land, and he went on to fight for it even when outnumbered.
*      Taking the lead
o   Judges 4: Deborah led the people to war even when the soldiers were afraid.
*      Delegating well
o   Exodus 18: Jethro advised Moses to organize himself and delegate his responsibilities to capable hands, and Moses listened.
*      Using foresight
o   Genesis 41: With God’s help, Joseph had foresight into the future and planned accordingly.

Not all men are born to be leaders of others, but everyone is required to be a leader of himself. When you chart the course of your life and steer the ship of your destiny, do it with the utmost degree of leadership because in life, you are at least responsible for one person—you.



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