Conversations: Office politics and the girl next door.

Let me paint a picture for you: A boardroom. A group of business executives. A decision making session. A candidate selected based on common consensus. A congratulatory email. A move to a higher position. Familiar much? Maybe but what maybe unfamiliar to most people reading this is what happened before the boardroom. Most decisions are made in boardrooms but the motivating factors for such decisions are stimulated outside the boardroom and that’s the place you ought to be if you really, really want to climb that corporate ladder.
Everyone has a life outside the workplace; Family, sports, collectibles, investments things that interest and motivate us beyond our checkbook. These things make us thick and add to who we are as a person. If you can find what people hold dear and connect with them based on that, you’ll find your relationships more rewarding and lasting. So how do you manage to navigate your way around the corporate world? What’s the game plan for playing for success in business? Do you have a winning formula? Please share - help the girl next door navigate through shark infested waters without getting eaten.


  1. Very true!We all need to strike a balance between the official and the personal to succeed in life.Even the boy next door like me!

  2. @ JoeAdey, boy next door absolutely right


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