Conversations: Work for someone or work for yourself?


I often hear people say it’s always a great idea to first work in a structured environment before you set up your own company or work for yourself. And I often wonder if this saying is true and if there are great benefits and learning from working for someone else: how long should you stay in paid employment before you leave and start working for yourself? Especially if that's what you want to do. Is there a preferred timeline? Should you work for 3 years and leave or 15 years? Cos if you leave too early you may not have gained anything and if you leave too late you might be stuck in the rot and may be too lazy to take on the challenges of a budding entrepreneur. So what do you think should you even bother to work for someone else first if you want to work for yourself? And if you should when is the best time to break out and go do your thing?


  1. i'd like to be self employed at some point, but is till need some experience thats why i'm here and i cannot be idle while waiting for the opportunity or finance for my own establishment. So, I work for someone with the view of becoming my own boss soon. Also, you do not have to work a specific number of years to be able to esatblish yourself,if you have plans, then you'll know when to stop.

  2. You are right Ngozi. It is always good to go with your gut. Once you feel its time, go for it. Remember the race is not to the swift ... but time and chance happens to them all.


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