Lola's Testimony

I went to school with Lola and I remember some of those days she described in her testimony but had totally forgotten about the testimony until I read it on her Facebook page. My faith was so strengthened that I asked her to share it with you guys again through the blog. I hope you find some courage to believe God again as you read Lola’s Testimony.

Lola’s testimony… “A few weeks into my undergrad programme in 1997, I had to go back home because I was terribly ill. I went straight to the hospital where I was admitted. Some days later, my right leg, just above my ankle started swelling up. The doctors decided to puncture it and puss started coming out. I was in so much terrible pains...

They carried out some tests and x-ray and found out it was ostiomylithis. This is a wound caused by an infection that sits directly on top of the bone and eats the bone until the bone breaks. I thought it was something that would just heal up automatically, lo and behold it was much more than I bargained for. Some days later, I was discharged from the hospital, given some drugs and asked to come for a daily dressing of the wound.

The puss didn’t stop infact it increased by the day. I had to go back to school against all odds, became my own Nurse in dressing the wound. I got some black jeans; I’ll go to school in the morning, by the time I come back in the evening the lower part of the jeans will be heavily soaked with the puss. This was heart breaking and a night mare for me. I couldn’t put on plaster or bandage because the bacteria would thrive more in a warm atmosphere. I needed to allow some fresh air. Talk about the best antibiotics of this world they all failed. At a point, I had to stop the drugs because it wasn’t working again and I was just losing weight.

I tried some local concoctions which did nothing! We went from hospital to hospital for a solution to no avail. We went to see a prominent orthopaedic surgeon in Ibadan back in the days, and then my brother who is a doctor and the specialist were talking in medical terms which I had to decode for myself because they didn’t want to scare me. At the end of their conversation everything they were saying was crystal clear to me; the wound is not going to heal up by itself without a surgery which is absolutely not the best but would only suppress the rate at which the pus is produced, and eventually I stand a high risk of losing my lower limb!

Wow! I was scared to bones. By the time we got home, I headed straight to bed. I didn’t want to discuss it with any one, no solution in sight. I wept like a child. In the middle of the night, I sat up straight in the bed and I encouraged myself. As a young believer I’ve being hearing some amazing testimonies about Jesus in my church, it’s time I run to Him. I got some materials on faith and divine healing. I never missed the communion service. I started confessing the word of God over the wound and within 6 months of consistency the wound was completely healed – healed after 2 years of torture!

Here I am, 14 years after, I’m still healed. The spot where the wound was is virtually the same as other part of my skin. Now if this is not Jesus I wonder who did this.

“if you do not believe me, believe the works” John 10:38. God bless you.”


  1. The word works every time! Thanks for sharing Seye.

  2. All we need to do is ASK, with faith we receive. thnks for sharing

  3. Wow... he is the same yesterday, today and always

  4. Believe Him,He is d answer to all, I mean all problems

  5. Believe Him,He is d answer to all, I mean all problems


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