When you truly start living.

Early this morning I listened to a very good speaker talking about something I have always known all along. He said what motivates people the most in life is Purpose. He had some really good theories to back up his claim and you can listen to it here

So I sat for a while and looked back on my life and the times I was most inspired and most energized. The times I was most excited and most driven; and the mornings I worked with a zest for life and gave life my best shot. The challenges I took on and overcame without a single doubt. I looked at my moments of successes and great achievements, I looked back on those times and I had to admit they all had one thing in common - Purpose.

The times in my life when I achieved my best results were times when I was doing something I felt strongly about. It wasn’t because of money or pleasure or because it was my responsibility to do it, it was simply because I was doing something that resonated with the core of my life.


So asked myself why don’t we live every moment of our live with that sense of purpose and do everything in line with that? My answer, because sometimes we deluge ourselves into believing that our sense of fulfillment would come from money or a companion or achieving a status society has set but the truth is it never does. Such joys are always short lived.

So taking a cue from my past I resolve to stop kidding myself and live life with the out most sense of purpose and realign myself and my actions to my convictions. After all we’ve all got only one life to live so why not make it count. If you truly listen to your heart and inner leading you’ll find what your purpose is and then you can tailor your life to achieving that purpose. 

And that’s when you’d truly start living.


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