A beautiful Mind - Spotlight on Suss Production

"You can only find true fulfillment in what you were created to do"

I am sure we have all heard this in one form or the other. You try to live it until the reality of life kicks in. Kids, bills, disappointments and we toss the dancing shoes, writing pads, the microphones, and creative ideas in a corner.

My name is Shayo and I was born with a beautiful mind. My core is creativity, so I am guessing investment banking wouldn't be what you'll pick for me as a career. Well that was the career I chose, with bachelors in Economics and a Masters, yes a Masters, in Financial Management where else will I have ended up?

I was good at it, most of my friends were in the field and if I continued I will probably one day be able to afford that house in Lekki or the G wagon. But the truth is I have always known I was called for more. It all started when by accident. I started serving in my church as the head of the drama group and I say by accident because I asked to join one instead they asked me to create one.

So I found myself writing skits and mini plays that got a lot of attention and then I graduated to writing songs and musicals, which by the way I had never done before but it came so easily to me. In the process one of my mentors asked me to join a forty days fast on a journey to discover purpose. Hmmm I could hardly make it past one day of fasting and I didn’t think I needed it because at the time I had a good enough job.

Well there was no escape, so I joined the fast and then came the restlessness and the increased hunger to find out what God intended for me to do. My job became a bore and I went on a journey of self discovery. It was during this period that I found it. It was right there all along my creative core. I was ready I wanted to go out and start immediately. Instead I went to bed and woke up the next morning terrified.

What I had discovered about myself hunted me for months, 9 to be precise. I went to work every day knowing I was in the wrong place. God spoke to me almost every day through people, what I saw, and the sermon in church, everything.

One day, I decided after a lot of planning and savings and motivational speeches I gave myself, I quit my job and decided to go God’s way. I thought I knew it all, but the second I took the bold step to follow him, like the fishermen by the sea, I went from catching fishes to being fishers of men. He showed me how to turn my gift into a mind blowing movement.

Now I own a creative agency/production company that is just 6months old and in that 6 months we have worked with 5 top multinationals and we are about to open a new arm. check us out on www.sussproductions.com  (thanks Seye for the free advert lol)

I am still learning a lot but one thing I am sure of, when you seek God he will tell you your purpose and he will show you lots about yourself you never knew. And when you take a step further to follow him and trust him, he will blow your mind. Dare to dream again.


  1. Nice on Shayo, unwavering believe in God and yourself is the way to go. Thumbs up!

  2. You have done what many are afraid to do. But with that burning desire on the inside, I daresay there's no other way. Congratulations!


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