Do not lead us into temptations.

A Short Oladotun Togun

“Hello Jumoke, how was your trip to London and Dubai?”

“Shade, oh, it went very well thank you. In fact I need to show you my latest acquisition.” Jumoke turns and calls out, “Moria, Moria!”

“Yes madam” The maid answers timidly as she enters the living room.

“Go to my wardrobe, in my room. You remember the place I kept the new Gold that I just bought from Dubai? Next to the brown envelope where I kept the pounds, not the one with dollars.” Jumoke explains.

“Yes madam I know” Moria cuts in.

“Go and bring that Gold for me.” The maid returns shortly with a small bag of jewelry and hands it to Shade.

“Wow Jumoke, this is so nice. This one with the rose bud is absolutely beautiful and I’m sure expensive too. Both ladies laugh.

“Not really Shade. I have this very good guy I have been buying gold from for a long time. He is my customer, in fact when I call him that I am coming to the shop; he ensures I am the only one in the shop when I arrive. I really feel like a VIP. Both women laugh again.

“Jumoke, you're the true definition of the biggest girl in town” Shade responds with a tint of envy.

Jumoke nods and calls out to her maid again “Moria, Moria. This girl sha won’t kill me.”

“Yes madam”

“Take this back, and remember to put it next to the pounds and not the dollars envelope”. Shade stays to visit with her friend for awhile and then they both decide to go out for lunch.

“I’m going out and will be back later at night” Jumoke announces to her maid as they exit the house.

Four Hours later...

“Moria, Moria , Moriaaaa ” Jumoke starts to look for her maid when she returns that evening.

“Where is this silly girl?” She asks no one in particular. Then she went up to her room and is met by a shocking reality, every drawer was emptied on to the floor.

“Oh My God, my gold! My pounds! My goodness it’s all gone!!” Jumoke reaches for her phone and frantically calls her friend.

“Hello, Hello Shade, I have been robbed. All my Gold, all my cash, all the jewelry we were looking at, it’s all gone and I cannot find my maid, Moria is gone too!”

“My goodness, take it easy Jumoke let me call my friend at the Police station they can help us find her.” Shade hangs up

A Week later at the Police station....

“Moria, why did you take my money and jewelry? Why would you do that to me after everything I have done for you and your family” Jumoke yells at her maid in custody.  

“I’m so sorry ma. It’s the work of the devil…” the maid wails miserably…

What lessons have we learnt?
  • Don't tempt hired/domestic helps. 
  • Ensure valuables are locked up in a safe, which should be out of plain sight or deposited in banks.
  • Financial matters should not to be discussed in front of domestics and hired helps.
  • Private rooms should be locked and doors fabricated with strong materials.
  • Do not leave helps alone in private rooms.
  • Over dependence on helps to "bring our bags" from other rooms, should be limited. 
  • We live in a cashless world, limit the amount of cash being carried about and stored at home.
  • All information given by domestics, should be verified, and that of the agent/agency.
  • Photograph of domestics is a must have. And while taking the picture, do not act as if they are criminals. Coerce them, i.e. to the female helps, “Moria, your dress is nice. Let me take a picture of it”. and for males, “oh, Segun, you washed that car really well. in fact stand besides it let me take your picture.”
Stay safe.

About the writer
Oladotun Togun is a Security Professional with noteworthy security expertise spanning over 15 years. He has 10 years management level experience in various industries ranging from Telecoms to Finance and Manufacturing. Dotun writes for Sitrep Nigeria - a consortium of organizations who are keen to reawaken community policing and ensuring safety of lives and possessions. Through their online portal, they collect data as well as organize and disseminate useful information about the state of security in the nation.


  1. Professional lessons here... thank you!

  2. tolulope dickson29 July 2014 at 16:30

    Good lesson learnt, but i will like to add to the part about the picture, we can letthe domestic help think the picture is for the police record update for the neighbourhood, it will also scare or keep them of any evil act or intensions.


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