Someone's on your trail.

Written by Oladotun Togun

Zainab just bought herself a brand new Mercedes Benz Jeep. Going around town with Girlfriends to celebrate the new fashion line she just created and due to the fact that it was also picked up by one of the major fashion houses in New York and Milan. She was ecstatic.

After hanging out with her friends, it was time to go home but on her way, Zainab noticed a car following her. She stayed calm and drove towards her home. Luckily for Zainab, she lives in an Estate which has good security.

The car which had been following her for about fifteen  minutes and five miles, then turned and drove to another direction when the follower saw the Security at the estate.

So, us girls,what do we do if we notice someone is following us and we are a distance from our castle (Secure location we call home.)

  • Drive round a roundabout twice to confirm you're being followed.
  • Go to a police station, military barrack, a crowded place, a hotel, a bar, shopping facility.
  • Honk your horn to raise attention
  • stop at a police check point  and tell them your fears.
  • Sometimes its safer NOT to drive home, but rather away from home so as not to let them know your castle
  • Always stay calm.
  • Use car mirrors and ensure you are aware of your surroundings at all times
  • When being driven, ensure your driver does not pick calls, or use head phones while driving, this would distract him from his primary duty of driving you.
Have a good day and stay safe.

About the writer
Oladotun Togun is a Security Professional with noteworthy security expertise spanning over 15 years. He has 10 years management level experience in various industries ranging from Telecoms to Finance and Manufacturing. Dotun writes for Sitrep Nigeria - a consortium of organizations who are keen to reawaken community policing and ensuring safety of lives and possessions. Through their online portal, they collect data as well as organize and disseminate useful information about the state of security in the nation.