If Only.

The challenges of being an adult can be summed up in one word: decisions. The vast amount of choices that come at you in minutes, and the decisions you have to make in seconds, distinguish a grown man’s average day from a child’s. What makes decision-making so challenging isn’t the vast choices, but rather the outcomes of your decisions and the reality of living with the decisions you have made.

In a world where people are perceived based on the judgment calls they have made, you find yourself daily weighing and double-checking yourself before you make a decision. You wouldn’t want to be mocked by your contemporaries or pitied by your superiors. You wouldn’t want coming generations to suffer from the outcome of your decision either.

Life always pushes us far more than we think, but most times we don’t rise to the occasion because of the answers – or lack of them – that we have to the many questions arising from those moments of choices. So if a man’s very existence is threatened by his choices and the prospects of tomorrow are clouded by decisions, how then is a man to choose? How can you make certain that this path you have embarked on will end well?

“Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, "This is the way; walk in it." Isaiah 30:21

How comforting to know that we will have guidance from God as we attempt to make our way through this maze we call life.

So I guess the question is, who’s making your life decisions for you? Family? Friends? Society? The media? Are your choices based on what you think, see and feel, or are they based on what you heard from God?

When you made the decision to take on that project despite the questionable circumstances that surround it, was that out of fear of how you’d pay your bill or faith that you’ll find something more honorable? And the time you decided it was okay to manipulate the books, was that out of trust that you could make more profit next year or fear that your shareholders wouldn’t stay with you for another year?

Ultimately, the choices we make determine how our life ends up, whether good or bad. To ensure it ends up well, you need to listen to what God’s word says about your life situation and trust Him. He knows the way and will guide you down the right path if you’ll only listen.