Written by Oladotun Togun
Jane, an on air personality, has been doing her work diligently and she’s happily married. Michael, an unemployed young graduate, with great hopes and dreams follows Jane on all social media platforms; Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and everywhere in the virtual world. In his mind she is the woman of his dreams.
One day, Michael decides to make this dream a reality and summons the courage to visit Jane at the radio station.  She was presenting at the time, he was told and unfortunately the na├»ve receptionist decided to give him Jane’s personal phone number since he was such a ‘good friend’ of Jane as he claimed.
From that day on, Michael becomes a total nuisance to poor Jane.  Continuous calls on her phone, text messages and instant messages on the Facebook, the one way communication was enormous. When the overwhelming messages final reach a limit Jane could no longer tolerate, she reached out to Michael to explain she really wasn’t available for a relationship.

Michael told himself she was only playing hard to get and decided to persist. Jane took drastic actions: She blocked his calls, he got another sim. She blocked that one too but he still sent text messages. She got then got her husband to confront Mike. Mike apologized and stopped calling but only for 3 days after which his insistent calls continued. Frustrated Jane is completely at wits end on what she should do! What would you advise her to do to get rid of this delusional guy who believes she is his soul mate?