Your Tribute to Myles Munroe

I heard the heart breaking news of Myles Munroe’s death this morning and couldn’t help but wonder at why he had such a quick demise. My heart goes out to his family and members of the ministry as I trust God to uphold and comfort them during this time of grief. 

When I think about his life, I am consoled by how much his ministry affected people around the world positively. I am particularly grateful for his messages on purpose and how much it shaped my mindset during my undergraduate studies. I attribute a lot of my beliefs around fulfilling God’s plan for me to his books that I read and his messages that I listened to. This is my tribute to a great man that dedicated his life to helping others find their purpose in God. Rest in peace Myles and may God bless your generation.

Please share your Tribute to Myles Munroe in the comments below. 


  1. This blog is one of the blogs that has had the most hits on Salt Chronicles in 2014. It was the first of 3 blogs I posted after Dr. Myles Munroe visited City of David back then in March. Imagine, one visit, one talk inspired enough for me to share 3 posts! That is the calibre of this man of God we all mourn today.
    Now, more than ever, my autographed copy of one of his books, 'Understanding the Power and Purpose of a Woman - means so much to me.


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