Movie Review - The Song

I was privileged to watch the pre launch version of the new Movie “The Song” staring Alan Powell, Ali Faulkner and Caitlin Nicol-Thomas . The movie is a modern day adaptation of the life of Solomon and it brings to light the challenges of most married couples- keeping the vow.

I particularly enjoyed how the scenes transitioned from a time set in the past to modern day and loved the use of verses from the Songs of Solomon in the lines as well as music to tell the story - Brilliant. The plot tells of how the life of a young man (Jed King) came to light after he wrote a hit song inspired by his wife.

Soon after his big success he faces the challenges of living in the fast lane – sex, money, power. In his struggle between family and fortune he gets pulled in the other direction by the allure of his lead singer. Jed loses his way and falls prey to adultery and drugs at which point his marriage falls apart. The profound truth about the power of love comes to play as he struggles to find his way back to redemption.

The actors portray genuine love between a husband and a wife and dare the viewers to love in spite of the fall. The only drawback for me about the movie could be based on the fact that the story is a remake of the life of Solomon, so for bible readers the storyline is a bit predictable. That said, it is refreshing to watch and be reminded about certain truth about commitment to the wedding vow, making the most of the time you have and keeping a view on what matters most in life.

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