Now in stores: Barrow Boy by Seye Oke

Splendour Dynasty and Seye Oke Announces the Release of an Inspirational Fiction Book titled Barrow Boy

Lagos, Nigeria – Splendour Dynasty and Seye Oke are proud to offer the latest work from Seye Oke, Barrow Boy, hitting bookstores everywhere on Thursday 26th February 2015.

Barrow Boy is an enchanting tale of a young lad's quest to find the secrets of becoming a great man. Despite the odds, young Ladi's mother, Nana is determined to help her son succeed and learn the secrets of becoming a great man like his father was. Unable to take on the task of instructing her son, she leads him to the door steps of an old wise tutor who ushers him into a whole new world. The story emphasizes four basic success nuggets: Desire, Determination, Discipline and Dance, explained in comical manner that gently penetrates the mind of a young reader. It is set in a simple traditional village setting written to captivate the mind of readers between from ages 8 to adult.

“I wrote Barrow Boy to inspire young readers work towards achieving their dreams in spite of whatever constraints they may be facing. I realize this can best be achieved by subtly inserting nuggets for success in the lines of a very fascinating story. I hope I achieved this with Barrow Boy” Seye Oke.

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Available on Amazon (Worldwide) and Konga (Nigeria)


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