The Broken Cry

Lovett woke at the gentle cries of her baby.  She picked him up and quickly began to feed him to prevent his cries from waking her mother who was sleeping on the other bed in the same room as she. Glancing at the old wall clock, she saw it was almost dawn.  She finished feeding the child, held him for a while and rocked him back to sleep.  She then gently placed him back and hurried out of her room to her favorite place of solace.

The chilly breeze of the early morning rushed against her face as she walked out of the house. Pulling her clothes closer, Lovett wrapped her arms around herself and walked further away from the house.  The neighbors were still asleep, although the streets had few houses. 
Lovett enjoyed walking at such times of the day.  It helped her get in touch with her inner self before the world and it troubles could get to her.  She reached the public school that was deserted at such hours and went to sit under a tree on the assembly ground.

Looking up to the sky, Lovett watched the day break. Her thoughts lingered on nature for a while before it returned to her own issues.  Lovett wished she knew how to pray. Maybe she could learn. That’s only if she knew someone who could teach her, and at the moment, no one she knew even had an idea.
She had heard about the God who had created the whole universe and how He loved all His creation, but that was all she knew. Toju, her classmate had tried at a point to tell her about God, but she had declined to listen.

Now she wished she had. Maybe God could help her out of this dilemma. What dilemma? This was more than a dilemma, it was a disaster. Lovett painfully uttered her usual words to the one they called ‘The Creator’…Click to read more; order your copy of Love’s Lie by Seye Oke from 

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