Celebrating Creative Kids - Spotlight on Oyinkansola Osinubi

Name: Oyinkansola Oluwatodimu Praise Osinubi

Age: 8 years

School: Toddly Tots Int. school. Ibadan.

Talent: Writing stories, dancing, ballet, riding her scooter, recitation and eating pizza!

Oyinkan, is an amazing little girl with an extremely imaginative mind and a gift for bringing her stories to life on paper. Her age notwithstanding, Oyinkan has successfully written several stories, though yet unpublished.  Among her first include "My favorite stories" a collection of bedtime stories written in 2013 that will tickle your mind and always invoke a smile.

Oyinkan loves the colour red and dressing up in style. Although undecided about what she wants to be in the future, she is already the young philanthropist with a heart for helping sad children, giving money to the church and buying a "Dubai castle" for her mommy.
Oyinkan's personal mantra is "I can do anything I set my mind to do!"

And today we are spotlighting her for her writing. Read her article below. Keep shinning Oyinkan, the sky is your limit. And as a thank you for sending in your entry please enjoy this autographed copy of my new book -Sleeping Bags, for little dreamers like you :)

The Book of Legends by Oyinkan Osinubi

Once upon a time there was a man named Ben. Ben lived in a farm with his wife. Ben’s wife was barren, so Ben didn’t praise God. So one day, Ben while was walking he saw a big book. Ben opened the book and instantly he magically fell inside the book.

“Wow” said Ben, “I wish my wife was here. I don’t believe it but I must explore this world.” And so he did. It was not too far until Ben met an old skinny one eyed man. Ben asked him, “Where is this place?”

The old man replied, “The book of legends, it’s a terrible place.”
Ben asked again, “so why did you come?”
And man replied, “The same reason why you came here. You don’t thank God and that’s how you got here”.

Ben said, “I am a selfish Christian. I don’t praise God just because my wife is barren. But she praises God. So she’s not here”. And then he cried to God, “Lord Jesus I’m sorry and I am sure everyone is sorry please forgive them all and set them free, in Jesus name.” And poof they all found themselves outside the book. Everyone was happy and they praised God. 

Ben went home and told his wife what happened. Two weeks later, Ben’s wife gave birth to a baby boy. They were all happy and they praised God forever more.

The end


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