A Day in History - 1999

After the feedback I got from friends and family that had read my hand written tracts I was inspired to write more stories and take my creativity to another level. I scouted around for a good printing press and eventually found the University of Ibadan printing press, in Ibadan.

I remember my first conversation with the Manager of the press at the time (whose name I can’t remember). He was so impressed that a young lady was actually following her dreams that he decided to give me a quick lesson on printing. He thought me a lot about the basics of printing – paper types, weight, colour separation techniques, plate development and other tips on how to print on a budget. He gave me a tour of the facility to see how it all worked. I’m really grateful for that lesson because over the years they came in very handy.

First published tract - God's Love (1999)
My first printed tract was God’s love – ended up printing 500 copies (not the most economical I know but was what my budget could spare). Distribution was a breeze mainly through church, friends and family but the feedback was overwhelming. People did read it and wanted to read more of my works. So I wrote and printed more tracts.
Later that year, the head of my Church, Pastor Adegbesan asked me to expand my creativity and by doing something for the church notice board. I decided to combine arts and scripture and came up with a weekly sketch that carried a bible verse to inspire readers. Again feedback was great and that spur me on to do more... click to continue reading.