Do it Afraid or something like that!

“Courage is not the absence of fear”, an anonymous writer said.

To dare to dream it, is to dare to do it. Have you noticed how often you fear new things? Not because the experience in itself is dangerous but because it is not the usual thing you are familiar with. So what if it’s new? What if it’s different? What if the outcome is uncertain and the concept a bit ambitious? What ifs – yes a million and one reasons not to take action if you dwell on that little what ifs.

Think about it for a minute: you cried when you went to Nursery yet you graduated from a University. You feared riding a bike as a child yet you learnt to drive a car. You dreaded reading in front of your class yet you addressed Congress. That just goes to show your little fears is either a stepping stone or a stumbling block to great things you can eventually do.

It’s not doing it afraid that matters, it’s not doing it at all that diverge the outcome. So take a moment and acknowledge your fears then throw caution to the wind and do it while your hands tremble and your knees shake. Eventually the chills will pass and you’d have another victory to call your own.

So what you waiting for, go on, do it.
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