Have you ever listened to a great speaker deliver a speech – such eloquence and confidence and easy of communication is always captivating. What about listening to an exceptional guitarist play? All you see is hand motions and you wonder how on earth is he doing that? But if you journey back with them in time, you will realize that all they learnt were the basics, and they mastered their act with that.

The eloquent speaker learnt the alphabet and vowels and how to make sentences and she went on to develop her speaking skills. The guitarist learnt the notes and finger placements and he went on to develop great music all based on basics.

Basics, foundation, bedrock, cornerstone – call it what you will, it has an enormous place in turning a novice into a Master. And that’s why we all work hard to ensure our kids get the foundational training they require from school. Education aside, what’s the basic principle on which your life is built? On what, are you growing your wealth and future?

You go out each day and meet people who believe so much in their own strength and that forms the basis on which all their decision making is made. They thinking they can build an empire on their own and succeed just by the sweat of their brows. Unfortunately, human strength can take you only so far, after a while you’ll need stronger hands to take you further.

And some others have built their fame on beauty. They found it so easy to sway a hip and flick a hair to get things done but that again can only take you so far. When age turns on you and your body begins to wrinkle and shrink, you’d need another foundation. All through life we humans have built on so many foundations – fame, wealth, strength, wisdom, relationships etc which has proven time and time again to fail.

So allow me introduce you to The Foundation that can take on whatever you put on it and stand the test of time.  Isaiah 28: 16 - So this is what the Sovereign Lord says: “See, I lay a stone in Zion, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone for a sure foundation; the one who relies on it will never be stricken with panic” – now how about that. The only foundation on which it makes sense to build your life and family is Jesus and the reason is simple, when life hits you hard like it always does, you need not panic. You can be absolutely sure that Jesus will go through it with you and keep you from being destroyed; he is a tested and sure foundation for life.

So quit trying to secure your life in wealth or human relationships – get hooked to the one who can anchor you safely through life and he will take you safely to shore.
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