Relationship Talks - Going the distance…

Written by Olushola Osinubi

Every precious thing in life is practically priceless. This saying goes as well for relationships that will go the distance and ultimately stand the test of time. One of the challenges people in relationships battle with is the fear of whether what they have will actually stand through the test of time. How do you know your relationship will last through the pressures of life? While praying is the key it is also equally pertinent to test that relationship. 
This test does not require setting booby traps to play “big brother”. Nor is it a conscious effort to cross out alleged defects in some checklist! The true test of a relationship is sacrifice. The willingness to put the other person before you, and your needs. That my friend is the determinant as to whether a relationship will go the distance. This sacrifice is not a one sided requirement but equally applies to both parties in the relationship. This may involve letting go of that relationship at some point in time to evaluate if both of you stand on the same pedestal. It may evolve taking hard decisions that deny you of your natural proclivities. But at the end of the trial period one thing is certain, you are going the distance.

When I talk to married people, I’m usually interested in asking not about what attracted them but what challenges they had to surmount before they arrived at the “I dos”. I remember a lady told me of the difficulties in her relationship due to the work location of her fiancée. She had to ask herself if long distance commuting was what she wanted. That relationship broke off for a while for both of them to decide on what they wanted. They eventually came back together with strong resolutions and strategies for handling challenges that arose in their relationship. Do not be afraid to put your relationship to the test of letting go.
Jesus came as the bride groom of the church to wash her clean of her stains and present her without any guilt. He is the ultimate example of sacrifice. He gave up his glory, came down to earth as a man and died for our sins. Sacrifice is the example of the greatest love. How willing are you to give up your all for your partner? How willing is your partner to give up their all for you? This test will determine if you are set in a relationship that will stand through the test of time. 
Ask God for his wisdom and understanding to know how to test your relationship and make decisions that are not based on emotions but his word! The word of God tells us not to cast our pearls to swine (pigs) because they do not know the value. You are priceless. And as with anything of high value you protect. You are about to place “you” in the hands of this woman or man the question is s/he worth it? 
Take the steps to prayerfully ask yourself these questions.
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  1. The wisdom you share is so unconventional. May the lord continue to bless you. Thank you for sharing


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