The Power of Encouragement

Written by Olushola Osinubi.

My pastor spoke some words I now seek to share. 
The power of encouragement, rare but true, he said.
It was about a certain duo, husband and wife.
A short tale no less, but quite true:

A certain man and woman decided to travel some distance to see relatives. It happened to be during the days where travelling meant walking and tarred roads-dirt paths. This man was, one would say, the very chief of cowards, a timid fearful man if ever, was he.

Now as this fine couple traveled and chatted, they came upon a spot notoriously known for being infested with robbers. As they walked on, they heard the quiet approach of robbers and this very fearful man began to quake, sweating to the tips of his timid toes.

His wife thought- “What would I do! for surely this coward will be the death of me”
Then she began this tirade -:

“My lovely husband.
The very essence of my strength.
A Man amongst men.
The crown that proclaims my beauty.
Shake! Keep on shaking well well.

Begin to shake well well o.
That’s how you shook and killed ten men yesterday.  
Hmmm shake shake well o. 
That’s how you shook and killed twenty men 
the night before yesterday.
Keep on shaking, shaking and shaking...”

By now the robbers had them surrounded and on hearing the woman’s song and seeing the shaking husband, they took to their heels and fled.
The couple then continued their journey.

The power of life and death is in the tongue.
Learn to say something nice, 
you never know who you will inspire to greatness.

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  1. A nice piece. He probably would have lived up to the situation given the chance


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