A Child's Faith

I heard a story as a child, long ago when I attended children bible club as a little girl. It was a very intriguing story, I don’t know if it did happen but I believed it, it kind of just stayed with me. My bible club teacher told me this story about a young boy who had a little baby chicken as a pet. The boy loved it so much and cared for it every day after school.

One day when he returned from school he found his baby chicken dead. He was so sad, his mom did all she could to comfort him and then she asked him to bury the chicken. The boy was too distraught to do that. Then he remembered something his Sunday school teacher had said to him last week at church, something about believing in God and that God could do anything he asked for. So the little boy took the body of the dead chicken and placed it under a basket and then he prayed that God will restore life back to it. The story goes on to say immediately the boy finished praying, the dead chicken came back to life.

Now I have heard and read about a lot of stories of how people who had died came back to life but the reason this one stayed with me through the years is because of one thing the little boy did. Before he prayed for the dead chicken, he placed the body under a basket so that when God restored life back to the chicken, it wouldn’t run away – now that for me is Faith. The little boy was so convinced that God was going to hear his prayers that he acted even before he prayed – amazing.

Faith in God is one of the most important fundamentals of Christianity – to believe that God is and that he rewards those that seek him. Hebrews 11: 6 tells us that without faith you cannot please God. So if you want to please your creator you have to believe him and act like it. Be like the little boy, act out in faith before you even utter your next prayer of faith because whether you believe it or not, God is.

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