The cards that life deals....

Like a game of cards, life often deals unexpected plays at you. So what do you do with the cards you get? Cry ? Complain? Throw a fit? Or do you sit at the game table and begin to wish you had the cards the other players are dealing with? No!

Every player knows that at every card game, you take what you get and play. So if at a simple game we apply basic sense of reason why should it be any different with the challenges we are confronted with everyday in life? Every game has its duration and every player keeps an eye on time so when time runs out, the game is up and so is your chance to win at it.

Same as the life we live in, we all have a short time to walk through this life and fulfill our God given purpose. Like a game of cards you get given different plays with each card you hold – your experiences, education or lack of it, your family situation, location where you live, health conditions, gifts  and talents and what you do with those plays determine how your game will end – win or lose.

Take a cue from Joseph – he was sold into slavery, thrown into prison, falsely accused - what did he do? He took all those cards and played them right. He didn’t sit and complain, sulk or cry. He remained positive about the outcome of his life and he worked hard at it.

So get your head in the game, give life your best shot and make the best of whatever cards life deals at you from today. You just never know where it will take you.

In life, time and chance happens to all men like in a game of wisely.

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