Balance is one of the hardest things to attain in life. Finding the right balance between work and play, eating and exercising, spending and investing is an act that people learn over time. Some people are born with a natural tendency to be disciplined and for these lucky few, attaining balance could be seemingly easy – or so you think. But even the most disciplined ones may to go overboard in one aspect of their lives compared to others when the scale tips from disciplined to extreme. What I have seen with the various people I have met is that balance is an act learnt and mastered over time. So how do you attain that?

  • Decide early in your life what matters most to you. If you value family then you know you can’t spend your entire day at work. If you want to pass on wealth to your next generation then you know you shouldn’t spend it all on expensive handbags. It’s important that you start off on your journey to living a balance life by spelling out your priorities.
  • Next, once you have your priorities listed out, list out the trade offs and effects. Something has to give for another; you can’t have it all in life. For instance, you have a business meeting and a PTA in school at the same time, what gives? Which would you give up for the other and what is the effect of that decision? You can’t just say I’m going to my kid’s school for PTA since family is my priority and drop the ball at work or vice versa. You may need to carefully weigh all options and the effect of either choice you make.
  • Then walk through the options available. Can I reschedule my meeting or can my spouse attend the PTA in my place? If your kids are having challenges in school you may want to attend that school meeting and have someone step in for you at work. It’s all about making the best choice with the options you have so you have a win-win.
  • Timing is just as important too. Your priorities change with the time and phase you are in life. So don’t despair. Some of those tradeoffs become less stressful as you grow through the phases of life
Try not to juggle too many balls all at once. Pick up your priorities for the phase you are in. Review the tradeoffs you have to make and their effects. Walk through your options and ask for help where necessary. Make the best of the season of life you are in. Chances are you will have a more balanced life at the end of it all.

Life is fun, so keep juggling.

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