"What have you given to God lately?"

That was the word that dropped in my heart as I was about to fall asleep tonight. I immediately wanted to counter the word by saying, I paid my tithe and offering but the Holy Spirit reminded me of something God wanted even more... my time.

I started to ask myself how much of my time have I given to God and it was looking like the first and last 5 mins of the day in a quick word of prayer. So I repented and recommitted myself to spending more time with God and doing things for God.

Just wanted to drop a line to stir up the fire in our hearts again, invest your time with God and for his purpose.

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  1. He definitely requires us to commit more of our time to Him. God will help us.

  2. David I agree and with our hyper demanding lives we need to make extra effort to give him our time.


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