Love it, dream it, do it.

Discipline is something I have always been great at.
So easy for me to decide on something and keep at it until I get it done. But lately I find myself struggling to stay disciplined on certain chores I had once breezed over. I find myself making excuses instead of just getting on with it and doing what’s required to be done.
So I ask myself why is it that I now struggle with being really disciplined. Why do I find myself not hitting the mark on some of my goals? I did some soul searching and came up with one thing – I never wanted it really bad in the first place. I found that those things I wanted so badly I found the strength required to be disciplined at it. The ones I sort-of wanted, I always found excuses not to do them.
I tried out my theory on a few of my goals:
(1.)  Finish writing the first draft of my new novel: – tick, done in 30 days because I wanted to. I really wanted to finish that book.
(2.)  Loose that last 5kg I have been carrying around since I had my last child: – not done, even added an extra kg. I really wasn’t bothered about the 5kg, not really. I only said I wanted to lose the 5kg when people brought it up.
So I decided to clean out my goal list and leave only the things I was truly interested in doing. After all if you can’t be honest with yourself who else can you open up to? No more lofty goals, no more people approving goals, no more goals to tick the box. I was only going to have goals I truly deeply cared about. And if I needed to have the goal on my list and didn’t care about it (like loose that 5kg) then I’d find a reason to care before I put it on my list.
Discipline is one tough character to have but when you do, it carries you safely across the life’s most fierce sea and unto the beautiful island you’ve always dreamt off. But to get there you need to be absolutely sure you want something bad enough, when you do, you’d be disciplined enough to make it happen.
Love it, dream it, do it… that’s the way it goes.
"All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty". Proverbs 14:23
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