Finish Strong, Start Stronger.

One of the things I like about coming to the end of the year is that it puts things in focus for you. You take stock, you ask yourself the hard questions and if you are truthful to yourself, you have an opportunity to make amends before it all comes to an end. Which is why, as I made ready to welcome the month of November, I took a minute to think back on the year, what worked and what didn’t. What successes I had and what mistakes I made. Lessons learnt, opportunities lost and the comebacks that presented itself it the most unlikely ways.

I know we have all heard, time and time again, wise sayings about finishing strong, the end being better than the beginning, the later more that the former. All true, but I want to take a different perspective to the month of November – I want to look at the month in another light, not as a build up to the end but a kick off to a new beginning.

Think about it, if you had to write an exam you wouldn’t begin to study the night before. In the same vein if you are to excel in 2017, you wouldn’t wait till December to start building, you should start now. Let’s take this month as the buildup to a great year ahead, and in other to do that, you need to know exactly what it is you want to build.

Now that’s a good place to start –The Plan. If you are going to have a good year ahead, you need a plan and a plan to make the plan happen. So here’s the plan; think about the one think you want to achieve in 2017 and for everyday in the month of November make sure you are investing your time towards something that will make that happen. It could be to learn something new, engage new people, move out of that neighborhood, save some more, pass that exam, talk to your kids more, invest every day in November doing something that helps you achieve your bigger goal.

If you do, at the end of Day 30 you will be in a much better shape to finish the year happier and take on the New Year.

Don’t just focus on finishing strong, start working on a plan to start even stronger.

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