Work on the kinks

In the last week I have learned that what doesn’t break you only makes you stronger. I have heard that so many times, even said so myself but I now, more than ever before, believe this saying. I found myself in a new terrain, navigating new waters and trying to make a headway. And like the beginning of every new process I really wanted to just give in to the pain and walk away. Unfortunately giving up wasn’t much of an option I had to somehow finish what I had started. 

With every passing day I was so sure I wouldn’t make it. I felt so stressed out, exhausted and emotionally drained at night time. I tried to find my center and draw my strength from within but made very little progress.  Every time I went through my day I was drained of every emotional and physical energy I had. I complained and complained and then finally stopped complaining because I was tired of listening to myself complain. Facing my challenge head on and I decided to just go with it and make it work. Not exactly sure how I managed but with the little energy I had left at the end of the week – I did finish my project and finished it really strong. 

As I sat in bed to unwind, I started to reflect on my week. I had learnt a few lessons: 

  • One; the more I complained the more magnified the problem became. If you have something challenging to do, don’t complain just take a stab at it and focus on solving it. 
  • Secondly I realize this “problem” or project exposed me to some of my flaws which I needed to work on. You learn more about yourself when you go through tough times. I’ve identified a few kinks that I need to work on to make me a better person. 
  • And lastly everything happens for a reason, and I mean it, everything. While I was busy complaining and trying to talk my way out of my challenge, I was completely blinded to the positives and the opportunities that solving the problem could present. It wasn’t until I stopped and focused on trying to solve it that I saw the bigger picture – the opportunities outweighed the challenges. 

A good lesson to learn in one week – don’t talk about the problem, focus on the opportunity it presents.