The Big Picture

Written by Olushola Osinubi

As a child, I enjoyed puzzles. I loved putting the pieces together to form whatever landmark, animals or drawing on the face of the puzzle box. I knew what the puzzle would look like when it was finished. But, I still had to do the work of putting the pieces together. 

Sometimes it would take hours. Other times, it would take days to get it finished. I learnt the best way to get the puzzles together was to start at the edges. Putting the straight edged pieces to first form the borderlines and then build from there. 
My puzzle pieces could be so many that each piece would not make any sense. Or the pieces would just not fit. I would try again and again until finally my picture would simply be – picture perfect. 
Life is like a giant puzzle. We usually don’t get the pieces or the purpose of events in our lives. We simply question the reasons for happenings in our lives. Why did I get laid off? Why was I betrayed? Why me? Why do bad things happen to good people.
Your life is like a big puzzle coming together. Missing pieces; lots of pieces; pieces that do not fit. Through the ups and the downs, the tests of fire and the storms. It is all working together for your good. The bible says in Romans 8 chapter 28 that everything is working together for good* (*abbreviation mine). God the master strategist is moving the pieces in your life and connecting the dots to make a beautiful masterpiece called your life.
So instead of fretting over the delays, mishaps, traffic jams and what not, relax! God sees the big picture of our lives and how the pieces would eventually come together. He is making it all beautiful in his own time.