“Places everyone!”

“Lights, sound, camera, action!”

You can hear scurrying sounds as actors, actresses and stagehands move into position. The curtains go up, sounds of rising applause can be heard from every corner. The music swells and the first scene of the drama unfolds on stage.

It is the moment the cast had been waiting for. The very moment all their hard work would be displayed. The moment of truth you could say, after days and days of rehearsals. Learning scripts, rehearsing lines, practice, practice and more practice. All leading up to this moment when the lights are turned on, the curtains go up and the applause begins.

The strength of their skill is summed and measured by the performance they would give tonight. The fans they would have to please. The critics they would have to convince. The doubters they would have to ignore. The pressure builds on as the cast begins to deliver on their lines. Each character gets into position and on cue, they appear on stage. The rehearsed cry to be delivered with the death scene. Not one tear to be shed a moment sooner. The sounds that accompany the scary scene, not to be mistaken for a cheery voice.

The night goes on as the play winds down, the final scene to show the victory of good over evil. The carefully choreographed fight scene must now be delivered flawlessly. The villain holds his ground, the hero pushes on. In one final blow the villain falls, the hero stands tall in victory. Songs of freedom and success fills the air. The curtains come down on the stage to conceal the cast as the audience rise and applaud.

The heavy sigh of relief, the joys of successful completion as the cast and crew hug and laugh. In one final moment, it all comes together, leading on to the moment of recognition. The cast comes back on stage for a final bow and their approving fans applaud and cheer. It is a satisfying moment – when want you planned and work hard on, gets delivered as planned.

"In all labour there is profit: but the talk of the lips tendeth only to penury."
Proverbs 14:23 (KJV)