Mummy, I want to be a Superhero

I can’t count how many times my children have said “Mummy, I want to be a super hero”. Most kids between the ages of 4 and 11 want to be super heroes. Almost every young boy wants a super hero themed cake for his birthday. From t-shirts, birthday parties to lunchboxes, super heroes reign supreme. Children have this never-ending fascination with super heroes. To them, superheroes are “protectors of the universe” who fight villains or bad guys and save the world.

Jeff Greenberg a social psychology professor at the University of Arizona, says that the reason kids love superheroes is because they believe that superheroes are strong and powerful.  In the early part of their lives, children look up to their parents for love and protection. But as they grow up, they start seeking for role models (real and virtual) who embody the same power and positivity. Their belief in super heroes helps:
  • Kids to dare to be themselves, they believe they are born to be brave
  • Kids build confidence on the basis that super heroes can do the impossible
  • Kids learn about the difference between what is good and what is bad 

It is important that parents use their child’s fascination with fictional super heroes to teach them about real heroes. This particularly applies to the younger children who often can’t distinguish real people from fictional characters. As parents, it is our responsibility to help them understand how ordinary people of different ages, sizes, races, cultures, abilities, and religions become heroes based on what they have achieved, overcome or have been through. 

Superheroes of the Bible
Christian parents have a rich source of super heroes stories, look no further than the bible. You name the message to be conveyed and I can promise you that there is a good example or two in the Bible.  Examples that will teach them about real life super heroes and about God and his mighty works. Children love stories, and the timeless stories of the Bible speak to their young hearts and minds. “Bible heroes” are the best way to teach your children about courage, good virtues, heroism or even to correct their faults, shortcomings and mistakes. and the Bible Hero Games
9ijakids have gone one step further, we don’t just tell children stories, we use games as a platform for children to learn about and experience what it is to be a super hero. For us, games are not just for entertainment, it’s a powerful way to teach and re-enforce learning.  
9ijakids learning games:
  • Encourages children to learn biblical principles and remember them
  • Encourages children to pay attention while entertaining them
  • Educates children in an engaging and fun way
  • Are fun, fun and fun for kids and adults!

Research shows that that educational games help children between the ages of 3 and 7 to improve their vocabulary by as much as 30%, with a 9% increase in retention rate. In summary, wise parents invest in educational games to entertain, teach and help kids remember IMPORTANT STUFF!!!! What can I say about the “Bible Hero” game? It is a fun filled game to teach the kids about the mighty works God did through 10 bible characters including Esther, Gideon, Samson and of course David. Click on the trailer below for a preview of the game
Between now and September 2017, is giving 100 parents FREE access the Bible Hero games. Sign Up to to be in with the chance for free access. 

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