The Thrill of Living

We make everyday choices and hardly give it a thought. What clothes to wear, food to eat, taxi to take – mundane task that don’t require much brain power. We don’t think about it because they have become a natural part of our lives. We have done these simple tasks for such a long time that we can carry on doing them without giving much ado.  It’s now become a part of our lives. And that is fine.

With each passing day and as you master the chores of your life, there is a tendency to lose the thrill, to dissolve the anticipation of what another day brings and just carry on living. When 80% of what you do in your day life has become a routine how do you keep the thrill of living, the joy of change and the anticipation of the unknown tomorrow? 

‘Be thankful’ 

One of the ways I have found really helpful is keeping a grateful heart. To look at everything in your life, every day, and be grateful for the many gifts you have. I have found that being thankful helps you put lots of things in perspective. When you get out of bed in the morning be thankful you have air in your lungs. As you try to get the kids out of bed to get ready for school, while they protest getting out of bed, be thankful you can hear their cries. When you sit down to eat breakfast be thankful you have something to eat. When you ride the bus to work be thank you have a job to go to.

Take the time to view every simple moment, every casual activity, as an opportunity to be thankful. You will find your perspective begin to change. You will have a heart filled with joy, your mental and physical health will be boosted by the positive feeling in your body, your energy and productivity will increase because of the sense of privilege you have in the little things of life. Your outlook to life will improve as you anticipate your next moment to be thankful.

It’s a small thing to add on to your daily task but the return is worth it. Even when you find yourself in a tight situation, find something to be thankful for. It’s like turning on a flame; it will continue to burn until it consumes your entire being. Tune out the worries with a song of thanksgiving. Clear out boredom with a perspective on gratitude. Re-energize your life with a dose of joy. Take the time to be grateful and your life will be grateful you did. 

In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you”.
1 Thessalonians 5 verse 18