Eyes on the Prize

When I read about the life of Moses, I imagine the dramatic tales of his days as they come to life in my mind. All he went through from the tumultuous experience of escaping death by the sword as a baby. To being cast into the river in a basket. To the trials of being a Hebrew prince in Egypt. A prince that was sent into exile.

The desert experience. Lost identify and a place to call home. The agony of returning to Egypt to stand against a group of people he once called family. All the things Moses endured physically and emotionally in his journey to becoming the man God used to deliver Israel. He became one of the most notable prophets, with a very great promise of entering a land of rest. 

He went through all of that and became all that just to lose it in a moment of weakness. In that moment, a subtle act of disobedience to God – and he lost it all. He lost the chance to enter the promised land. The ending of Moses’s tale is very humbling. A constant reminder of how easy it is to miss the mark when you take your eyes off the prize. No matter how brief it may seem, don’t take your eyes off the goal. Center yourself in the very essence of our faith- outright obedience to God.

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